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Can You Use Paintball CO2 for SodaStream?

Do you or your family drink a ton of carbonated water? If so, getting a SodaStream Fountain  is probably the most economical decision you can make.

Although it can be a bit expensive, it can procure around sixty liters of carbonated water and drinks with just one cartridge. It will save you loads of money in the long run — considering how expensive a pack of soda water can get these days.

to use paintball CO2 for SodaStream

However, if you want to increase your savings even further, you can try one other thing.

It’s no secret that SodaStream CO2 cartridges  or “exchange carbonators” tend to cost more than they’re worth. Switch that out with a paintball CO2 canister and you save more than half of what you would’ve spent otherwise.

“Can you use paintball CO2 for SodaStream?” you might ask.

Today, we will take a look at the common questions customers have about the SodaStream Fountain. We also give tips on alternative CO2 canisters you can use in place of the SodaStream exchange carbonator.

Read on to learn more!

Industrial Grade CO2 vs Food Grade CO2 

We’re sure you’ve heard of CO2 or carbon dioxide before.

This colorless gas can be bought from stores at a significantly cheap price. And there are two types available on the market: Industrial and Food Grade CO2.

Industrial-Grade CO2 is mostly used for general purposes e.g., for construction work, entertainment, factory work, and other activities. Meanwhile, food-grade CO2 is used exactly for what its name suggests: food (and drinks).

Industrial- and food-grade CO2 have varying levels of purity. For CO2 to be safe for consumers, a purity level of 99.90% is required by the US Food and Drugs Administration. Food-grade CO2 meets these criteria, which makes them a safe ingredient to use for carbonated water.

Industrial-grade CO2 only has a purity level of 99%, meaning it carries a lot more impurities and toxins.

Is Paintball CO2 Food-Grade or Industrial-Grade? 

Maddog 20 Oz Refillable Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tank Bottle

Paintballing is an extreme sport, so you’d expect the CO2 canisters used for this activity would be industrial grade.

Well, to keep players safe, CO2 used in paintball canisters has been cleaned and purified to meet FDA standards.

Thus, it’s perfectly safe to use paintball CO2 in things such as soda water, beer, and other beverages and food.

However, you should watch out for cheap CO2 tanks. Some tanks may have metal shavings that can easily get sucked up whenever your CO2 tank is in use.

Can You Use Paintball CO2 for Sodastream?

With a SodaStream adapter , you can.

If you plan to switch out SodaStream exchange carbonators with paintball CO2, it’s recommended that you buy CO2 canisters that are beverage-grade, like the Sodamod tank or Tippmann tank .

Buying a paintball tank won’t be cheap. And depending on the size that you plan to buy, the prices will vary slightly.

However, you can refill them for cheap at any refilling station. It’s a huge bargain compared to what SodaStream charges for their exchange carbonators.

Furthermore, buying a high-quality beverage-grade tank can last you years. It also reduces your carbon footprint by a massive lot.

You might be wondering how big the paintball CO2 tank should be for a SodaStream, too.

The answer here depends on how often you use your SodaStream to make carbonated drinks.

If you’re someone who regularly makes fizzy drinks, then we suggest getting the biggest tank you can find. For paintball CO2 tanks, that’s typically a 24-ounce tank .

Where Can I Get High-Quality Paintball CO2 Tanks?

online marketplace - amazon

When you’re looking for high-quality paintball CO2 tanks. The first place to go to is a sporting goods store. These stores carry a wide variety of paintball CO2 tanks, so you have a lot to choose from. You may also try online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, or eBay.

Make sure to check manufacturer descriptions for safety precautions or ask the shop clerk or manager for more details about the product’s safety if used as a SodaStream replacement.

Where Can I Get Paintball CO2 Tanks Refilled?

Although it’ll take you a while to get through a tank of CO2, even if you drink carbonated water every day, it’s good to know where you can get your tanks refilled when they run out. There are generally three (3) places you can go to;

  • Any local paintball shop or sporting goods store
  • Scuba stores
  • At home

You can also try welding shops or oxygen supply stores near your location.

If you don’t want to make frequent trips to scuba stores or local sporting goods shops, consider buying a bigger tank of food-grade CO2 to store at home and an external CO2 tank adapter , so you can do your refilling from the comforts of your home.

Is Water the Only Thing I Can Carbonate with Sodastream?

Yes. Carbonating anything other than water will damage your SodaStream Fountain and rob you of the fizzy water that you enjoy.

If you want to add a little flavor to your drinks, you can do so after you carbonate your water.

Keep in mind that the SodaStream Fountain warranty is immediately invalidated if you carbonate any liquid other than water using this device.

Final thoughts

It’s possible to use paintball CO2 for SodaStream — all you need is a SodaStream adapter, like the VaVoger SodaStream adapter . Make sure that the tank used for the paintball CO2 is food-safe, like the Tippmann and Sodamod tanks. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of ingesting harmful metals and toxins from cheap CO2 tanks.

You can get your CO2 tanks refilled at any sporting goods shop, paintball store, or scuba shop. You may also look for an oxygen refill station that offers the service.

Lastly, don’t attempt to carbonate any other type of liquid using your SodaStream besides water; otherwise, you risk voiding your warranty.


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