laser tag game safety

Laser Tag Safety 101: The Complete Guide

Laser tag is one of these popular games that most people enjoy, especially kids and teenagers. However, having the “laser” word in its name could be a little concerning when it comes to its safety. Throughout this article, we’ll be providing you with a guide to laser tag and whether it’s actually safe or not.

Recoil laser tag game

Recoil Laser Tag Review: 10x Better With Rifle and Grenade Add-ons

This laser tag system is a natural choice for those who are bored of conventional laser tag options. If you have played first-person-shooter video games in the past, you would really appreciate Recoil’s system. Instead of constantly staring at a screen, you would be running around in real life, bringing a new dimension to the gameplay. For families, the Recoil system represents a great way for bonding, while for youth workers, this is an excellent way to harness the boundless energy of teenagers!

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shoes to wear for laser tag

What Shoes should I Wear for Laser Tag?

Whoo! It’s Friday and a group of friends have invited you to celebrate the start of the weekend by getting together and playing a few rounds of some good old laser tag tonight. Sweet, huh? But you say to yourself, “Wait, I don’t know if I have the right shoes for this”. First of all,…

guide on how to play a laser tag game

How To Play Laser Tag? (For Beginners)

Laser tag is an adrenaline-filled game, that’s also safe and clean. It’s suitable for all age groups and genders. It’s exciting when played in a laser tag arena with special effects and awesome setups, but it’s still fun to play at home, indoors, or outdoors. If you’d like to join the action or you want…

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