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Top 5 Laser Tag Centers in Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach is an incredible vacation destination. Sandy beaches, warm temperatures, and a few memorable attractions make it a great spot for families to relax over a long weekend.

To make things even better, they also have five amazing laser tag centers! We love the detail-filled arenas and how family-friendly they all are.

Laser Tag Centers in Virginia Beach

You will have a blast at any of these establishments, so don’t plan your next weekend before reading up on the incredible laser tag centers in your area!

1/ Laser Quest 

Address: 2682 Dean Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Phone Number: 757-463-6300

Much like the name implies, Laser Quest takes its players on a laser tag adventure of a lifetime! The well-designed space is fantastical, full of well-thought-through details, and is sure to put a smile on any visitor’s face.

The arena looks like a mix of the inside of a Star Trek spaceship and an alien forest. The colors are bright, there are multiple levels to explore, and there’s plenty of blacklight paint to bring the space to life when the lights turn off.

The laser tag guns Laser Quest provides are also interesting. They are cylindrical, see through, and fit the science-fiction theme of the establishment perfectly. The structured vests are also unique compared to what you normally see at laser tag venues.

Feeling competitive? Make sure to check the scoreboard after the game to see what your ranking is!

The fun and fantasy extend past the laser tag venue and into the party space and arcade. Many walls are covered in murals depicting alien lands and a constellation with a giant extraterrestrial spaceship floating through the galaxy that overlooks the arcade.

Laser Quest also hosts parties and you can bring your decorations and food into the establishment for it!

Customers had a wonderful time at Laser Quest. Many appreciated how much fun they had with their kids when playing laser tag and how friendly the staff were.

However, one customer did note that the vests are quite large and heavy, so keep that in mind if you have small children who want to play.

2/ Apex Entertainment

Address: 4621 Columbus St #100, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Phone Number: 757-678-8666

Do you have an appreciation for intricate laser tag venues? Well then, you better make your way over to Apex Entertainment for some laser tag!

This Navy-themed laser tag arena is everything you want from the game. It’s fast-paced, competitive, and played in an incredible venue.

The venue features giant navy helicopter and fighter jet models. The helicopter looks like it’s being blown up while the jet is suspended from the ceiling like it’s whizzing by on its way to an important mission.

The colors are luminescent and we love that every wall is covered with an image of a navy-related scene or has been made to look like the steel inside a navy ship. You can tell how much effort they’ve put into creating a transportative playing experience.

While there isn’t an age limit for players, everyone must be at least 42 inches to play. Make sure to pull the tape measurers out before going if you’re bringing cute short little kids with you!

Apex Entertainment also offers bowling, several arcade games, an elevated ropes course, axe throwing, bumper cars, and so much more. They also have a bar for all the thirsty adults!

Customers have thoroughly enjoyed their visits to Apex Entertainment. Many visitors loved how many activities there were to choose from, though the food was delicious, and hope to go again!

3/ Flipper McCoys

Address: 2212 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Phone Number: 757-502-8810

If you’re looking for laser tag with a twist, look no further than Flipper McCoys in Virginia Beach! While there’s no denying that traditional laser tag is a blast, this establishment takes it up a notch with its interactive arena.

The laser tag venue is peppered with opportunities for power-ups and objectives. This means that players don’t just have to focus on tagging opponents; they also need to play the room right and watch out for power-ups.

The space has several passageways to walk down and is filled with brightly colored panels that serve as obstacles so you don’t give your position away to your opponents. Generally, the arena looks like an abandoned urban space encroached by nature.

Players could easily pretend they are battling their enemy in one of the last wars before the end of the world happens.

Is laser tag not your thing? No problem! Flipper McCoys also has an arcade and a shootout salon complete with a stuffed skunk and a bar surrounded by barrels of moonshine.

Their dedication to creating a family-friendly atmosphere means they don’t serve alcohol and have plenty of deals available on laser tag!

Customers enjoyed their time at this establishment. One visitor pointed out that the laser tag venue is full of hideout spots for players to duck into before catching their opponents off guard.

That sounds awesome!

4/ G-Zone Gaming Entertainment

playing laser tag in a mobile gamer truck
Address: Wherever you want!

Phone Number: 757-632-6111

Not in the mood to deal with lines and COVID but still want to enjoy a few rounds of laser tag? G-Zone Gaming Entertainment is the perfect solution!

This entertainment truck can be ordered straight to your home and has everything a party needs to have an unforgettable time. While the bus itself is a gaming center filled with several latest video games, they also offer laser tag!

All you need is space for kids to run around and they take care of the rest. The games can accommodate up to 22 people and are great for parents nervous about germs.

You could order the entertainment truck for a birthday party or just as a bit of weekend fun for your children and their friends. Who says you need an occasion to play laser tag? Not us!

They also supply inflatables!

Customers have appreciated how affordable the service is, the staff’s professionalism, and how impressed all the guests were by the experience. G-Zone is also punctual, incredibly polite, and will even supply kid-friendly music during the party to get everyone dancing.

Sounds like a recipe for a memorable party!

As a bonus, this is a small black-owned business, so why not give them your support and business?

5/ Tagtime Laser Tag

Address: 14346 Warwick Blvd Suite 420, Newport News, VA 23602

Phone Number: 757-876-2870

What time is it? It’s tag time at Tagtime Laser Tag!

This indoor and outdoor laser tag experience is one you won’t forget. Playing tactical laser tag takes the game up a notch and gives players the chance to strategize.

Their indoor urban battlefield is a whopping 10,000 square feet and is filled with vehicles, buildings, alleyways, and roadways. Tagtime describes playing here as “walking straight into your favorite first-person video game.”

We are impressed by how many props and structures the venue has. If you ever wanted to recreate a chase scene from an action film, this would be the place to do it.

You might even create alliances and claim certain rooms for your team, slowly squeezing out the players who rejected to join forces. The possibilities are endless!

But the fun doesn’t end when you step outside. The outdoor battlefield makes the whole playing experience that much more realistic. Just don’t forget to bring bug spray otherwise you might get eaten alive by mosquitos!

The forested arena has wooden structures to duck behind and plenty of shade so you don’t overheat during your game.

Tagtime also offers axe throwing and game props to make your laser tag experience that much more realistic.

Children must be at least 8-years-old to play in their open sessions. However, the first games on Saturday and Sunday are for children five and up.

It comes as no surprise that the reviews for Tagtime are overwhelmingly positive. Players felt enjoyably challenged by the missions while playing there, which is superb!

Who’s Ready to Play?

Now that you know the amazing laser tag options in the area, which one will you go with? Will you go to Apex Entertainment and spend hours exploring all of their activities, or will you order G-Zone Gaming Entertainment to your home instead?

Have you tried out any of these laser tag centers? What did you think? We would love to know!

Have fun, stay safe, and happy tagging!


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