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Comparing Sharper Image vs. Laser X Laser Tag Sets

Can’t get enough of laser tag?

I get it. Once you’ve tasted victory playing against another team, you’ll want to play again and keep winning.

sharper image laser tag vs laser x

But the problem is, there are times where going to laser tag arenas isn’t so convenient. Sometimes, it would be a lot easier if we could just play laser tag at home.

Thankfully, Sharper Image and Laser X Double Sports Blaster are two sets that allow you to play laser tag in the comfort of your home.

These two sets can be used by kids and adults indoors or outdoors (wherever your parents or wife allows it).

Let’s take a look at them.

Comparison of Sharper Image and Laser X Laser Tag Sets

Sharper Image Two-Player Laser Tag GunLaser X Double Sports Blaster
No. of laser tag guns included22
Equipment Included2 lighting vests2 arm receivers
Shooting Range (in ft)100200
Laser Gun Effects and FeaturesSound, vibration, lightsSound, vibration, lights
Batteries Needed2 AAA batteries2 AAA batteries
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How to Compare Laser Tag Sets

To know which laser tag set is better, we’ll be comparing several factors.

For this comparison, here are the things we’ll consider:

  • Shooting Range
  • Laser Gun Features
  • Accuracy
  • Durability
  • Battery Life

Let’s talk about them one-by-one.

Shooting Range

When it comes to laser tag, the longer the shooting range, the better. Otherwise, you’ll have to play really close with your opponents and that makes the game too difficult to enjoy.

The ideal shooting range depends on where you intend to play.

If you’re playing indoors, a 100–130-ft range is good enough. But when you want to play outdoors, a shooting range of at least 150 feet is ideal.

Sharper Image Two-Player Laser Tag Gun

Sharper Image’s range for this model is only 100 feet. While this is a decent range for indoor laser tag, it’s already at the minimum.

For some people, this is already too short a range. And with that, Sharper Image seems to be ideal for indoor laser tag only.

Laser X Double Sports Blaster

Laser X Double Sports Blaster 200' Range Full Size

When it comes to the shooting range, Laser X does a better job. Not only is it ideal for outdoor laser tag, but it’s also good for indoor use.

Its 200-ft shooting range gives you enough distance to stay hidden and target your opponents from afar.

Winner: Laser X Double Sports Blaster

Laser Gun Effects & Features

In general, laser guns need to have lights and sounds. While vibrations aren’t necessary, this feature will help give a more realistic gaming experience.

Sharper Image Two-Player Laser Tag Gun

Sharper Image has all the effects you’ll need in a laser gun—sound, vibrations, and lights.

And since it’s also lightweight (only 2.4 lbs), children aged 5 and up will have a very easy time carrying it around.

Laser X Double Sports Blaster

Similar to Sharper Image, Laser X also uses sound, vibrations, and lights.

However, Laser X is relatively lighter than Sharper Image (at 1.92 lbs) which makes it easier to carry and hold. But ironically, children from 6 years old are the only ones recommended to play it.

Winner: Tie


at-home laser tag set accuracy

At-home laser tag sets aren’t as robust as laser tag guns found in arenas. While this is unfortunate, it doesn’t mean that we can forgive the lack of accuracy most laser tag sets have.

In the game of laser tag, accuracy isn’t just dependent on a person’s aim. It’s also dependent on how your laser gun correctly “hits” the target.

In other words, if it’s able to hit a person within shooting range.

Sharper Image Two-Player Laser Tag Gun

One of the major problems people complain about Sharper Image’s Two-Player Laser Tag gun is its accuracy.

Instead of just hitting your opponent, your vest also registers your attack. So in effect, every time you shoot at another person’s vest, you’ll also get “hit” by your gun too!

Laser X Double Sports Blaster

Laser X Double Sports Blaster 200' Range Full Size Multi

Fortunately for Laser X, they don’t experience accuracy issues the same way Sharper Image does.

And the best part is that even if it has a long shooting range, it’s able to hit targets right on the arm receiver.

A lot of users even complimented its ability to target opponents outdoors and on a bright day.

Winner: Laser X Double Sports Blaster


Nobody wants a laser gun that breaks after one use. Not only is it a waste of money, but it’s also a huge disappointment considering that you’ve gotten too excited to play.

In general, laser tag sets (vest or arm receivers included) shouldn’t break easily. This is mainly because they’re made of plastic and you don’t necessarily hit the gun on anything.

With proper use, it should last for a couple of months.

Sharper Image Two-Player Laser Tag Gun

While the Sharper Image Two-Player Laser Tag Gun has an average rating of 4.2/5 stars, the bulk of its 1-3 star complaints on Amazon talk about defective models and easily broken units.

Most of the complaints talk about the defect in its accuracy (where your plate gets hit every time you shoot at someone), but some also complain about how easily it breaks after a few days.

Laser X Double Sports Blaster 

Laser X Double Sports Blaster - Fun for At Home or Outdoor Entertainment

On the other hand, Laser X has a slightly higher rating at 4.3/5 stars where most parents found the laser toy guns to be a great pastime for their children.

However, there are complaints about how easily the toy guns break after 1-3 uses. Some even experienced defective and non-working units right after they received the package.

The only edge that Laser X has on Sharper Image is that their customer service is a little more responsive in refunds and replacements.

Winner: Laser X Double Sports Blaster

Battery Life

Duracell Optimum AAA Batteries | 12 Count Pack

Laser toy gun sets are battery-operated, but it all comes down to how many batteries you’re supposed to use and how long the batteries last.

In general, batteries are easily drained when children play the game. This is mainly because children tend to press the trigger more often (and without aiming) compared to adults.

But the good news is that some laser toy guns and their vests or arm receivers can use rechargeable batteries.

Sharper Image Two-Player Laser Tag Gun

Sharper Image uses 5 AAA batteries in total—2 in one of the laser toy guns and 3 for the vest. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot being said about its capability of using rechargeable batteries.

However, there have been several complaints on how fast the battery drains. This is probably because children mainly use this laser gun set.

Laser X Double Sports Blaster

As for Laser X, it uses AAA batteries for the guns and the arm receiver, but just like Sharper Image, the batteries are easily drained.

The main problem with Laser X is that because the guns easily malfunction, you can’t determine if its durability is shorter than its battery life.

Winner: Sharper Image Two-Player Laser Tag Gun

Final Recount

Sharper Image Two-Player Laser Tag Gun: 1/5

Laser X Double Sports Blaster: 3/5

Pros and Cons

Sharper Image Two-Player Laser Tag Gun
  • Can combine sets to have more players
  • Lightweight
  • Point-tracking using the vest
  • Laser gun with reload function
  • Defective vest sensor
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Easy to break
Laser X Double Sports Blaster
  • Can combine sets to have more players
  • Long-range shooting
  • Responsive customer service
  • Fast replacement and refund
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to break
  • Battery requirements not mentioned in the package

Final Verdict

Based on the factors won, it’s clear that Laser X Double Sports Blaster is a better laser gun set.

This is because it’s more durable, more accurate, and has a longer range out of the two options.

And if you remember, Sharper Image Two-Player Laser Tag Gun has a defect with its vest sensors which puts a damper on the whole laser tag’s performance.


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