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Will a Paintball Gun Dent a Car?

Some paintball matches are held on open grounds. With all that firepower and enthusiasm, anything within proximity is fair-game.

Anyone who’s ever participated in a paintball match knows how critical it is to stay on your toes. The fast-paced, action-packed game can easily disorient even the most seasoned players.

Paintball Gun Dent a Car

Have you ever worried about bringing your car to an outdoor paintball event? We have all heard the stories about the white vehicle that left with an abstract paint job.

Below, we will answer some common queries about paintball and what it could do to your car.

Let’s get into it.

Will a Paintball Gun Dent a Car?

 Dent a Car

The non-toxic, organic, goop of dye encased in gelatine? No.

These harmless colorful spheres fired out of a gun with the muzzle velocity of 300 ft per second? Absolutely.

But, there are variables to consider in determining whether a paintball marker can dent a car.

The variables include the proximity, the car’s quality, the weight of the grudge you are carrying against the car’s owner, and not to mention the equipment itself.

A paintball with impeccable durability loaded into a marker with a sufficiently high PSI shot within proximity can leave a dent. Dents on cars caused by paintballs are more often than not intentional.

What Damage Can a Paintball Gun Do?

If your car is tucked a safe distance away from the playing field, there is no real cause for concern.

Markers fueled by HPA tanks, like the First Strike Hero 2  that provide up to 1,200 PSI, might reach your car. But the long-range damage markers can do would most likely be giving your vehicle a touch of color.

First Strike New FS Hero 2.0 4.5K 77cu Paintball Tank

Guns like the Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber  shot at close range, with low-quality paintballs that don’t burst on surface contact, can dent the average car. It has a muzzle velocity that can hit a side-mirror clean-off an old car.

Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker

Things to Remember:

High-PSI tanks, high muzzle velocity markers, or low-quality paintballs shot at close range can cause damage to a car.

Parking from a considerable distance from where paintballs are shot poses a lower risk of dents to cars.

For those who want to prank their loved ones, do without the paintball guns. There are enough rules and regulations out there to give the game a bad name.

For the love of paintball, do not partake in any vandalism.

But if you are only looking to give your vehicle a unique paint job, use high-quality paintballs. The .68 cal Valken Graffiti Balls  are made to withstand handling, but immediately break upon surface contact.

How Do I Get Paintball Off My Car?

The good news is, most paintballs are made with all organic materials and mixed with harmless chemical compounds, if any.

The ball’s casing is formulated with gelatine. The paint fill is a non-toxic dye with binding agents mixed with water. It is relatively harmless on any surface, but it can still cause stains.

The sooner you wash off the paint, the better. If you let it sit too long, the stain might set. If the stain sets, you run the risk of chipping your car’s paint when you scrape off the hardened paint.

Sometimes, you can remove the paint by simply rinsing it off. You can also wash your car like you normally would or take it to the car wash for a basic rinse and lather.

There are more stubborn paints out there, though.

For tougher stains, you can incorporate the use of a reliable adhesive-remover like Goo Gone Automotive . The spray gel is formulated to clean stains off cars without compromising the paint underneath.

Goo Gone Automotive - Cleans Auto Interiors
  1. Give your car a good rinse.
  2. Lather on a mild car detergent .
  3. Spray adhesive-remover.
  4. Let the adhesive remover sit for three to five minutes.
  5. Wipe off the stain with a soft washcloth.

If there is any residue left behind:

  1. Pour three to four drops of remover into a pint of water.
  2. Dip a non-abrasive sponge into the mixture.
  3. Agitate the sponge onto the residue in circular motions.
  4. Rinse.
  5. Repeat as many times as necessary.

*Paint that has set onto the surface will require more repetition of some or all of these steps.


You can rinse paintball stains off your car better using a high-pressure hose  with an adjustable concentration nozzle .

You can also watch this step-by-step video on how to remove paint from your car.


Are paintball guns illegal?

There are no laws in the United States that prohibit the use or ownership of paintball guns.

In some states, they are considered non-powdered firearms. In other states, paintball markers are deemed weapons or imitation firearms.

The laws in every state may differ regarding regulations implemented on paintball markers, but Federal law states that these guns are not firearms. The use of markers in commercial paintball establishments, sanctioned farms and open fields, permitted makeshift arenas, or private properties is legal.

Possession of paintball guns

While the ownership and possession of paintball guns are entirely legal, local ordinances are to be observed.

If you live in a state where paintball guns are considered firearms, you must register for a license. If you ignore the necessary licensing requirements, law enforcement may charge you with illegal possession with the same gravity as having actual firearms.

Each state’s local government implements varying age restrictions and transport regulations on markers. The legal age requirement in Illinois is 13, whereas California sets its legal age at 18.

Fun Fact: You can still buy, own, and rent paintball guns as a minor if you have written consent from a parent or guardian.

What is illegal to do with a paintball gun?

A consensus among states is that it is illegal to brandish your weapon in public, outside of playing grounds.

Suppose you are in possession of your gun outside of the sanctioned areas. In that case, it must always be disassembled and unloaded within a case.

disassembled paintball guns

You must not cast threats on any person or persons, private properties, or commercial establishments involving your weapon. The act of doing so is considered criminal, and you may be charged with a petty misdemeanor or class D felony.

Paintball guns are not allowed in educational institutions or government offices.

While there are no specific laws against shooting cars, the law states that you may not fire a paintball gun from across a street.

This law applies whether the intended target is a consenting or non-consenting person, regardless of the status of ownership of the properties involved.

Simply put, you cannot shoot your friend on the other side of the street. Even if you know they will find it funny, the law does not. The road between your houses is public domain. It is an illegal act that can rack up fines and charges.

You can read more about paintball gun laws here.

Final Words

Be responsible with all that firepower. We hope this article helped clear things up for you.

Point and shoot responsibly!


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