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Can a 3, 4, 5-year-old Play Laser Tag?

Remember when you were a kid and wanted to do everything the grown-ups were doing? Kids are adorable; they are always up for getting involved with fun activities, and what’s more fun than laser tag?

But can children who are three, four, or even five years old play laser tag? What would that look like, and what should you keep in mind when considering giving a tiny human a laser tag gun and letting them loose in an arena?

can a 3 year old play laser tag

To start, a 3 to 5-year-old probably can play laser tag, but it will just have to be a more simplified version of it. It’s not a good idea to throw a very little kid into a dark blacklight laser tag arena; that would end in tears and a meltdown.

Is laser tag OK for kids?

Yes! Laser tag is awesome for kids! It’s a great way to get some exercise in, practice communication and team-building skills, and have a lot of fun.

Laser tag is so kid-friendly that some people think that it’s just for kids — but don’t worry, children and adults can all enjoy a few rounds of the sport.

What age is laser tag appropriate for?

age appropriate to play laser tagMost laser tag establishments only let kids 7 years old and over play. Some venues will let kids down to the age of 5 play, while others have set their limit up to 8.

The bottom line is that every venue is different, but parents are the only ones who can accurately decide if their children are ready for laser tag. While the sport is welcoming of everyone, it can get a little intense, especially for children.

In our opinion, seven is a great age for kids to start playing in laser tag venues, but we don’t think there’s an age limit for playing at home.

How do you play laser tag for kids?

There are many ways to play in a laser tag arena, so finding a game that suits the players’ age range is key. Here are a few ways to play laser tag for kids.

Capture the Flag

One of our favourite kid-friendly laser tag games is Capture the Flag. We love it because it’s a classic game that most children have already played with siblings or at school.

The players are divided into two teams and each is given a side of the arena and a flag (or other objects) to protect from their opponents. Players have to infiltrate their opposing team’s side and steal the flag. The first team to do so wins!

We could see 4 or 5-year-olds playing this game, but three might be a little too young. Just make sure the younger players understand the game and won’t get overwhelmed by running and shouting.

Protect the President

This game is similar to capture the flag but instead of a flag, a player is each team’s VIP and the other players are tasked with protecting them. The opposing team’s goal is to tag the VIP while also protecting their own ‘president’.

Children will find this game very exciting and will have fun learning how to plan and work with their teammates while working against their opposition. Just be prepared to have kiddos fighting over who gets to be the VIP. We recommend having a system so everyone gets a chance to feel like the most important player.

Relaxed Game

Organized games can seem like too much for some young kids, letting them run around the backyard with laser tag guns. Most at-home laser tag guns make noises and vibrate whenever you shoot or get shot, so that alone would be very exciting for younger children.

Some kids, especially if they are 5 or under, have a hard time dealing with losing, so keep this in mind when deciding what kind of laser tag game to play.

Playing with a Buddy

being your child buddy when playing laser tagIf you want your young kid to have the experience of playing at a professional laser tag venue, why not be their buddy while playing? You’ll have a lot of fun together while ensuring that the little one feels safe and in control of the situation.

Most venues will probably make the adult pay and wear a vest, but that doesn’t mean you have to tag people during the game. Just being a support system for your buddy child might be what they need to have fun in an environment that would normally be too much for them to handle.

Things to Keep in Mind

We love playing at professional laser tag venues; they usually put a lot of effort into building the perfect playing experience complete with lights, glowing murals, and multi-level twisting pathways. However, playing laser tag at an establishment indoors and in the dark may be a little scary for some kids.

Many laser tag establishments have a reason for setting age limits. It’s not uncommon for very little children to freeze and break down in the middle of a laser tag venue and have to be ‘rescued’ by an adult.

These venues have a lot of experience working with children; we recommend trusting their advice when it comes to how young children react in their arenas.

Favourite Kid-Friendly Laser Tag Products

1/ Play22 Laser Tag Sets

Laser Tag Sets Gun Vest - Infrared Laser Tag Set 4 Guns 4 Vests - Laser Tag Gun Toys for Indoor...
  • laser Gun Toy Has Tons Of Useful Features and Great Sound and 4 Color of Lights Blue, Red, Green, White, Which It Can Be Played 4 Teams together
  • laser Tag Set With Vests Comes With 4 Gun Types: Pistol: With 12 Bullets, To Reduce 1-Point life value if it hits - Shotgun: with 6 bullets, to reduce 2-point life-value if it hits - Machine gun; with...
  • laser tag game features realistic vibrations every time you shoot or get shot - strikes distance of approximately 130 Feet

This laser tag gun and vest set is perfect for kids looking to burn off a little steam while honing their laser tag craft. It comes with four guns and matching vests — that’s enough for the whole family or when a couple of friends come over.

They also meet all the USA regulations, so they are completely safe to use. The guns can tag from up to 130 feet away and vibrate realistically when shot.

You don’t even have to use the vests if you don’t want to since the guns can register shots on their own, too!

2/ ArmoGear Laser Tag Spider

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We love this laser tag spider! It is such an unexpected bonus to any laser tag gun, but it can only just be enjoyed by one or two players looking to kill some time on a weekend afternoon.

The spider acts as a target that runs around and even shoots back. It even has voice-guided gameplay so kids can learn how to get the most out of the toy while playing.

Just keep in mind that the spider is only compatible with ArmoGear products!

Get Out and Have Fun! 

At the end of the day, laser tag is for everyone, you just need to find the right way to play it!

If your child is too young to play at a laser tag establishment, buy some guns (and maybe a spider or a few inflatables) and enjoy tagging from the comfort of your backyard! Who cares if some kids are too little to fully understand the rules to more complex games when zapping each other at home?

Laser tag is about having fun, so decide what fun means for your children, and enjoy!

Do you have kids under the age of six? What’s been your experience with playing laser tag with them? We’d love to know any tricks or tips you have to make the sport fun for the whole family.

Happy Tagging!


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