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Can a GoPro Take a Paintball Hit?

With the arrival of ultra-light, compact, and powerful action cameras, more paintball enthusiasts are excited to immortalize their epic paintball gameplay.

As tempting as it is to record your paintball adventures, there’s always that lingering doubt if GoPros are strong enough to withstand a paintball attack.

to mount a GoPro for Paintball

Unfortunately, GoPros and action cams are not “bulletproof.” Taking a direct shot from a powerful paintball hit will likely damage its front and/or rear LCD for good.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to keep your GoPro safe during paintball battles.

You can get a GoPro screen protector, but the safest way for GoPros to withstand a paintball attack is with the SuperSuit casing. The SuperSuit is water-resistant as well, so you can easily submerge and remove the paint after each session.

The GoPro HERO9  is the best action camera for paintball. Pair it with a GoPro HERO9 Supersuit  and your action should be able to withstand a direct hit!

In this article, learn what you can do to protect your GoPro and what’s the best way to mount your action cam for paintball.

Let’s get started!

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Can a GoPro Get Hit With a Paintball? 

GoPro HERO9 Black - E-Commerce Packaging - Waterproof Action Camera
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The GoPro itself isn’t strong enough to withstand the force of a direct paintball attack.

The latest GoPro models have two screens: one in front and one on the back. While most action cameras are extremely durable, these screens are likely to crack or damage under the impact of a paintball.

You also need to think about the GoPro lens. Directly hitting the GoPro lens can shatter the glass, not to mention that it can also damage the interior. Thankfully, GoPro lenses can be protected from paint, dust, dirt, and scratches with a durable protective glass lens .

Can GoPro Withstand a Paintball Attack?

To keep your GoPro safe during extreme paintball battles, get a SuperSuit for added protection. If it’s encased in a SuperSuit , your GoPro should be safe even under the impact of a direct hit.

If you want to take it a bit further, you can also get a tempered glass screen and lens protectors .

How to Mount a GoPro for Paintball?

There are two popular ways to mount a GoPro if you want to use it for paintball. You can either mount it to your gun barrel or on your paintball mask.

1/ Mounting Your GoPro on the Paintball Gun

HK Army Paintball Barrel Camera Mount
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Setting up your GoPro on your paintball gun will give you a unique playback view. It’s also a great choice if you want to lower the chances of your GoPro taking a direct paintball attack.

A downside is that your gun will most likely be facing down most of the time, so you’ll have less footage to work with.

GoPro paintball mounts  are readily available online. Most of these are adjustable and made of metal so you can take it easy knowing that they will stay on your barrel even during intense battles.

A GoPro bike mount is an affordable alternative if you prefer getting a metal paintball mount. Bike mounts are generally made of aluminum alloy or plastic, with the aluminum alloy being the more durable and versatile option.

How to Mount your GoPro to a Paintball Gun Barrel?

Mounting your GoPro on a barrel using a paintball mount or bike mount is easy.

  1. Attach the GoPro on the GoPro adapter and tighten with the screw when you’re happy with the viewing angle.
  2. Loosen the mount’s opening for the barrel then slide it through your gun barrel.
  3. Tighten the screws evenly when you’re happy with the position.

2/ Mounting your GoPro on your Paintball Mask

There are several ways you can mount your GoPro to your head.

We’ll discuss our two favorite methods of securely mounting your GoPro on your mask:

  • With a head strap
  • With a goggle mount

How to Mount your GoPro with a Headstrap Mount?

The head strap mount  is a great choice for paintball players since it’s secure, affordable, and provides a solid POV. However, it does add a little height to you, so you need to put in a little more effort to avoid being spotted.

GoPro head straps are easily adjustable and they come with a silicone band so they don’t slip off. You can wear the strap in two ways:

How to Mount your GoPro with a Goggle Mount?

Another secure and simple way to attach your GoPro to your head is with a goggle mount.

GoPro goggle mounts are attached to the mask via the venting slots using two clamps.

Our favorite is the HK Army Universal GoPro Goggle Mount  which is made of super-durable anodized aluminum. It also comes with different screw sizes so your GoPro stays secure on the mask.

We also love that the HK Army goggle mounts come in a wide range of colors!

Which GoPro Camera is Best for paintball?

Now, you may be wondering which GoPro is stable and durable enough to withstand an intense paintball match.

Our best bet is the GoPro HERO9 which offers the smoothest viewing experience you’ll ever see! Even when you’re running across the most rugged trail, the GoPro Hero9 still manages incredible video stability. We also love looking back at our wildest paintball battles with the HERO9’s stunning 5K display.

GoPro HERO9 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5K Ultra HD...
  • 5K Video - Shoot stunning video with up to 5K resolution, perfect for maintaining detail even when zooming in
  • 20MP Photo with SuperPhoto: Capture crisp, pro-quality photos with 20MP clarity. And with SuperPhoto, HERO9 Black can automatically pick all the best image processing for you
  • Front Display plus Rear Touch Screen: A new, larger rear touch screen with touch zoom on HERO9 Black and a dazzling new front display makes for easy framing and intuitive camera control

We’d pair the HERO9 with the durable strength of waterproof and mudproof housing  to keep it protected at all times.

We’re also big fans of the GoPro HERO5 Session . Especially if you want to stay inconspicuous during paintball battles, the smaller the action cam, the better. The HERO5 Session is compact and easy to use, and it also boasts 4K video and advanced video stabilization. Pair it with a durable and wear-resistant housing  for paintball matches.


There’s a different thrill that comes with recording and watching your epic paintball battles.

With the help of durable action camera housing, it will be safe to mount your GoPro onto your gun barrel or mask.

In most cases, action cam protective cases are durable enough to protect your GoPro’s screen, lens, and interiors.


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