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Can you Shoot a Paintball with a Slingshot?

Paintball is a fun activity, but it can get a bit boring when you are limited to using paintball guns.

To spice things up, what if you could use a slingshot instead?

shooting a paintball with a slingshot

We have found that you can shoot a paintball with a slingshot. But since it’s not calibrated like a paintball gun, it has several disadvantages. First, the paintball can break in mid-air if you launch it too fast. You can also seriously injure someone since slingshots are not limited to a certain speed.

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Can You Shoot a Paintball with a Slingshot?

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In short: yes, you can shoot a paintball with a slingshot.

However, it can be extremely difficult because paintballs  are specifically produced to be shot out of paintball guns.

Unlike slingshots, paintball guns gently receive the paintball, guide it through the gun, and shoot it hard enough to make it break upon impact but not while in mid-air. Their settings are optimized for shooting paintballs.

Meanwhile, slingshots are for shooting just about anything. Although this allows for flexibility, it also means they are not for shooting paintballs.

What Do You Need to Shoot a Paintball with a Slingshot?

slingshot paintball shooting
To shoot a paintball with a slingshot, you will need to buy a few pieces of key equipment – and no, it is not just the paintballs and the slingshot!

To have a safe but fun experience, you will need:

Once you have all of these, you should be ready to play!

How Do You Shoot a Paintball with a Slingshot?

To shoot a paintball with a slingshot, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Take your slingshot.
  • Manipulate the bands to lay flat on top of the frame tips.
  • Take a paintball.
  • Gently place it in the pouch of the slingshot, which sits in the middle of the bands.
  • Then, pull the bands back, and stretch it as far as you want. The further you pull them, the further the paintball will go.
  • Aim the paintball so that it will shoot slightly above the slingshot’s frame, and not in between the tips.
  • Finally, release the bands and watch as your paintball soars through the air!

It will take some time, but with practice, you should be able to shoot fairly accurately with a slingshot.

We recommend practicing on an inanimate target, especially for the speed and strength of your shot, before playing with any people or animals.

What are the Dangers/Disadvantages of Shooting a Paintball with a Slingshot?

But wait!

Before you start shooting paintballs with a slingshot, there are four main dangers and disadvantages of using a slingshot: the paintball can break, slingshots aren’t allowed in paintball fields, slingshots aren’t covered by paintball insurance, and shooting paintballs with a slingshot can cause injuries.

The Paintball Can Break

the paintball can break
Since you have to handle the paintball more with a slingshot than with a paintball gun, there’s more risk of the paintball breaking.

For example, it could break in the pouch while you’re running around; it could break when you’re trying to take it out of the pouch, or it could break in mid-air after you launch it.

The last example is due to how slingshots aren’t calibrated to a specific speed like paintball guns. This may result in speeds that are so fast that they break the paintballs.

Slingshots are not Allowed in Paintball Fields

As a general rule, most paintball field owners don’t allow slingshots used in a game, so this means that you will only be able to use them on private property.

Paintball Insurance does not cover the Use of Slingshots

Slingshots and any damages or injuries associated with their use are also not covered by paintball insurance.

Shooting Paintballs with a Slingshot Can Cause Injuries

shooting paintballs with a slingshot can cause injuries
Because you can manually adjust the speed of a slingshot, it can sometimes send the paintball flying at higher speeds than most paintball guns.

Most paintball fields have a maximum speed of 225 to 250 fps for paintball guns.

But since slingshots can’t be calibrated, they can sometimes reach speeds of 380 fps, which is strong enough to kill a poor bunny or injure someone seriously.

Thus, playing paintball with a slingshot needs to be done with proper protection and precautions, or else there will be consequences.

What Should You Do If You Get Injured from a Slingshot Paintball?

simple steps to clean a wound with slingshot
It is possible that you, or someone you know, could get injured from a paintball launched by a slingshot – especially if your slingshot is of professional hunting quality.

In case someone gets injured from a slingshot paintball, you can follow the simple steps listed below:

  • Rinse the wound with clean water.
  • Wash it with soap and water. Make sure to get any dirt particles out of the wound.
  • Gently pat the wound dry. Make sure to use a clean towel.
  • If it’s an open wound, you may have to apply a bandaid.
  • You can also use a cold pack. This will help reduce any swelling and numb any pain. Always wrap the cold pack in a cloth to prevent freeze burns.
  • Once swelling and pain are down, use a hot pack to stimulate blood flow and speed up the healing process.
  • When you rest, make sure to elevate the injured area to prevent swelling and improve circulation.

However, if these steps don’t work, if injuries persist for longer than normal, or if the injuries are much more severe than what you can treat at home, we advise you to go to the nearest medical center and seek professional help.


Yes, you will be able to shoot a paintball using a slingshot.

However, it will be difficult because slingshots are not adjusted the way paintball guns are.

If you want to use a slingshot, you will need high-quality paintballs, a sturdy slingshot, a paintball pouch, a paintball mask, and protective clothing.

To shoot a paintball with a slingshot, you will need to lay the bands flat on top of the frame, then aim the paintball, and shoot above that frame.

There are four dangers/disadvantages of shooting a paintball with a slingshot: the paintball can break, using a slingshot can cause injuries, and slingshots are not allowed in paintball fields. They are not covered by paintball insurance as well.

If you get injured, clean the wound, put a cold pack, then a hot pack, and elevate it. If it is a serious wound, seek medical help.

We hope this article helped you!


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