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Do Paintball Scars Go Away?

Paintball easily ranks high on the list of exciting and competitive activities you can do with friends and family.

From wearing your gear to selecting teams, and shooting from afar, this game gives you a burst of adrenaline.

to get rid of paintball scars

It’s all fun and games until you see the battle scars on your skin.

Having bruises from paintball is unavoidable. I won’t worry too much because these fade naturally in a matter of days.

But if you’ve been tagged at a close range and high speeds, your skin may break and leave some serious scars behind.

Luckily, paintball scares do go away and there are multiple ways to help speed up the process.

How to Get Rid of Paintball Scars?

Here are our recommendations on how to prevent and get rid of paintball scars.

Cleanse and Disinfect

clean paintball scars with antiseptic liquid

Immediate care and attention are the keys to preventing further scarring on the skin. And just like with any other wound, cleaning is always a good first step.

Grab an antiseptic liquid  you have at home first, and then pour small amounts directly on top of the skin or dab it gently with a cotton pad.

This helps remove debris and dirt and give you a better view of the scar.

After this, you can stop further swelling by placing an ice pack on top of your bruise.

Doing this three to four times daily for 15 minutes helps a lot!

Home Remedies

vitamins help lighten your scars

After cleaning and numbing the affected, it’s time to check for natural alternatives. Mostly, these are topical creams and oils which you can apply to your skin.

But don’t forget to consult your doctor first if you have skin allergies or other conditions. Better to be safe than sorry!

First up are Arnica and Aloe Vera creams. They are famous for fighting inflammation in the body. They also speed up the recovery of your cells, thus prompting your skin to heal faster. Apply once a day until your scarring lightens and subsides.

Another favorite is Witch Hazel Oil. It has an element called tannin that helps repair damaged skin. Just a few drops daily, and you’d see your skin slowly clear up like magic!

If you don’t have Witch Hazel Oil, check your skincare stash because Vitamin K- and Vitamin-C-infused serums and gels work as well!

Vitamin K slows down blood clotting, which reflects on the color of your bruise, while Vitamin C helps clear out dark spots and marks left by wounds and injuries.

Derma-Recommended Medications

derma-recommended medications

It’s easy to brush off the idea of having your scars checked, especially when there are many remedies available at home and in your local drugstores.

But if you’re not seeing results after a few days, a trip to your dermatologist doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Leave it to your doctor to treat your scars. They can assess their severity and prescribe the medications and ointments you would need. Be consistent and follow their instructions, for faster results.

Aside from treatment, you can also ask for pain relievers to lessen the stinging, if needed.

Knowing the proper medication can save you time and money, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them!


to give your body time to recover

Even if it’s just a small wound in my arm? Yep, you need to rest.

What you ingest and apply to your skin is not enough. It might be a good idea to take a break as this can give your body time to recover.

Avoid engaging in strenuous activities, even if you’re itching to do them. Move your next paintball session; your friends will understand.

Sleeping is also key in the regeneration of cells. So if you want your wounds to heal faster, get at least eight hours of sleep daily!

And if you can, elevate the affected area throughout the day. This prevents further inflammation and swellings.

Stacking a few pillows on your bed and putting your arms and legs up for thirty minutes will do the trick. You won’t even notice it while you’re watching your favorite show!


laser scar removal

Surgery? I know. That sounds serious and scary.

But if the scar goes deeper in the skin and affects other important nerves and tissues, your doctor may recommend a minor operation.

Some doctors would recommend laser removal. You’ve probably heard of this before and thankfully, it’s easy to avail such services for small to medium-sized scars.

If you have money to spare and if all medical conditions are met, you may opt for this route.

Most instances of scarring don’t require surgery; it depends on how severe your wounds are.

So, go and schedule a doctor’s appointment, especially if the pain and scarring persist longer.

How Long Will It Take To Heal?

time to heal paintball scars

Now that you’re doing all these steps diligently, I know you’re burning to ask how long before your skin clears up.

It depends on three factors – (1) the intensity of the hit, (2) the position of your wound, and (3) your skin’s sensitivity.

For those tagged at a closer range, they will obviously get deeper and more serious wounds.

It’s so easy to get lost in the game, but try to remember and follow the 20-feet minimum distance rule while playing.

The location of the scar also plays a big role. If you get hit on the face or the arm, chances are you’ll heal faster.

However, if the pellet was shot to your back, stomach, or leg, it’ll take more days since there are more blood vessels affected.

And lastly, your skin’s sensitivity. If you have sensitive skin, expect that yours will take approximately three to four weeks before they fade away.


Paintball scars don’t stay on your skin forever. Phew.

There are many ways to treat them, either on your own at home or with medical supervision and care.

No matter how small or serious your case is, always take immediate action to prevent them from further swelling, marking, and even infection.

Consistently treat your wounds with the right medication and don’t be afraid to ask for help if unsure of what to do.

The faster you heal, the sooner you can go back to another round of paintball with your friends!


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