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How Old do you have to Be to Play Laser Tag?

The laser tag community is very diverse and accepting. You don’t need any previous training to play and enjoy it, because as long as you can run around and hit targets, you’re going to have a great time.

However, there are more concrete guidelines when it comes to how old players should be. Ultimately, it’s up to parents to decide if they should or shouldn’t partake in a round of laser tag.

how old I am to play laser tag

Here are a few things to consider before letting a small kid into a laser tag arena.

What age is laser tag appropriate for?

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This depends on where the laser tag is being played. If you’ve purchased an at-home laser tag kit, there is no harm in letting a four-year-old run around having fun in his own protected universe.

This is especially true if the young child is playing with similarly aged siblings, family, or friends. For them, it’s an easy-going game with super cool props!

However, when laser tag is played in a professional establishment, seven years old is usually the youngest allowed to play independently, particularly if you’re playing laser tag in a blacklight maze.

There are a few reasons for this. A young child might get disoriented by the intense surroundings and not fully understand that they are playing a game.

Remember when you were little and had nightmares about a ‘scary’ character from a kid’s movie? Picture that but even more real!

On the other hand, some laser tag establishments have height requirements, so if you happen to have a super tall six-year-old, they might be able to get in places! Just keep in mind that age limits for laser tag are usually set for the emotional well-being of the children, not because venues don’t think they understand how to play the game.

Can a 5-year-old play laser tag?

a 5-year-old plays laser tagThe short answer is yes. Some establishments have set their age minimum to five.

What do we think about a 5-year-old playing laser tag in a blacklight maze? Well, it depends on how emotionally mature and brave they are!

Kids under five will also have issues with visibility and navigation. The whole point of playing in a maze is to be somewhat disorientated, which is super fun for children and adults but might be scary to five-year-olds.

The good news is parents are allowed to accompany their kids while playing; most establishments require that both wear vests. Younger children can also observe games, which might be enough fun for some of them.

We know that there are plenty of five years olds who are energetic and outgoing enough to enjoy a fast-paced game of laser tag, so if your kid sounds like they fit that description, there’s no harm in trying!

What will happen if a kid is too young? 

The biggest risk of throwing a kid that is too young into a laser tag game is that the game will have to be stopped mid-way through to rescue them. The idea of being one of the ‘big kids’ is enticing, but at such a young age, a few years makes a big difference, and they could easily get overwhelmed.

They also might hurt themselves in the dark area, either by falling over or running into something. Falling isn’t really that big of a deal for kids, but it still might be a distressing experience for them.

That’s why we recommend only letting younger kids play laser tag in lit areas with children their age.

Misusing Lasers 

There is nothing inherently dangerous about the LED lights used in laser tag guns. However, the FDA does encourage parents to make sure the lasers being used on any toy are labeled a “Class 1 Laser Product”.

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Most people know not to shine the laser tag guns directly into their eyes. But what if they’re a little kid curious about how it works? Class 1 Laser Products emit a weak laser and are unlikely to hurt your eyes.

Is the venue you’re at not sure about what class their laser guns are? Ask them what brand they use and do some quick research before giving it to a young child.

This is an easy precaution to take and well worth it since a laser in the eye incident could be very distressing for them.

Is it weird for adults to play laser tag?

adults playing laser tagOf course, it’s not weird for adults to play laser tag! There are whole communities made entirely of adults who enjoy playing laser tag together.

Laser tag can be very methodical and tactical in ways that children just wouldn’t be able to understand. People dress up for laser tag in elaborate camouflage, they plan their positions and points of attack, and they partake in games that can go on for hours.

That doesn’t sound kiddy at all!

There have even been laser tag tournaments worldwide with players who are some of the best in their region. If laser tag was ‘just for kids, there wouldn’t be nearly as much organization and community built around the sport.

There are laser tag leagues worldwide, including a ton of them located in North America. Have a look online, you might be surprised about how close you have a league or team near you.

But it doesn’t even need to be that professional for adults’ enjoyment to be valid. Laser tag is fun and stimulating, even that should be enough.

So the next time someone asks you if you’re too old to be playing laser tag, tell them that you are absolutely not!

Age Isn’t Everything

Laser tag isn’t for everyone, but it is for a lot of people! Think about if a laser tag environment would overwhelm your young child. If you think they would, just enjoy playing it at home!

There’s no shame in waiting a couple of years to introduce your kid to the fun colorful world of laser tag, and seeing their face light up as they begin to understand and genuinely enjoy playing will be well worth it!


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