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Is Laser Tag a Sport?

So you’re a big laser tag person, huh? Have you ever wondered if all of those games of laser tag you’ve played count as playing a sport?

The answer is yes! Most definitely!

Is laser tag a sport

A sport is “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess”, so laser tag fits the bill. Think about it, you have to run, duck, aim, and may even jump over a thing or two, to win a game of laser tag — that sounds like a sport to us!

Is Laser Tag a Team Sport?

lase tag is a team sportLaser tag is a team, individual, and/or recreational sport. One of the reasons people love it is because of how versatile it is.

In fact, most laser tag tournaments are played by teams rather than by individuals. Playing as a team allows space for creativity when it comes to tactics, positions, and taking advantage of player’s different strengths and weaknesses in the group.

The teamwork needed to play laser tag in a group is not dissimilar to playing basketball or soccer. It’s all about communication, coordination, planning, and a little practice!

There are many ways to play laser tag as a team sport. The classic method has each time try to shoot their opponents as quickly and much as possible until they run out of lives and are eliminated.

But you could also play capture the flag, or a longer, more tactical game. It’s up to you!

Who Recognizes Laser Tag as a Sport? 

There are quite a few countries that enjoy laser tag as a sport. In 2018, a laser tag tournament took place in Russia, but it wasn’t just Russians playing!

Over 120 players from Russia, Belarus, and Latvia, came together in 24 teams for a day of ulta-competitive laser tag tournaments. They were split into three different age groups and even had a whole ceremony at the end to announce the winners.

First of all, that sounds awesome, and secondly, this tournament in Russia completely validates that laser tag is a real sport. After all, why shouldn’t it be?

There have also been similar tournaments in the United States. Communities have been built around this sport and we’re sure it would be a real treat to talk to some of the pros in this field.

Naturally, there haven’t been a lot of tournaments happening recently because of obvious reasons, but we’re hoping to see some more very, very soon!

Other Recognized Recreational Sports 

Laser tag isn’t the only awesome recreational sport that has gained popularity around the world. The idea that we’ve been able to make fun games and turn them into something so much more exciting and competitive is incredible.


There are entire Paintball Leagues that you can join! The community built around paintball is inspiring and so much bigger than you might think.

People from all around the world are coming together to play paintball, including but not limited to Russia, the United States, Australia, and Panama. Organised paintball tournaments take place internationally every year!

The Brazilian Xball League has a game planned for August of 2021, while American paintball leagues compete almost every month. With such a high frequency of tournaments and games being played, it is nearly impossible to pass paintball off as anything but a sport.

There is even an Asian Paintball World Cup!

This means you can join a recognized league, and chances are, there’s not one too far away from you! Sounds fun, right? Visit the PaintBall Leagues website to learn more!

Touch Tag

Like paintball and laser tag, touch tag is a recreation game turned into a full on sport. Officially operating under the name World Chase Tag, this game is played one-on-one on a small area with plenty of obstacles to jump on, over, or under.

Much like regular tag, the game’s goal is to touch your opponent without getting tagged first. Taken to a professional setting, tag turns into a graceful dance between the two players.

So where can you play World Chase Tag? Asia, Australia, South America, North America, and Europe all have World Chase Tag affiliated spaces.

That means you can travel around the world and find spaces to hone your tag craft everywhere you go!

Of course, the dream would be to reach the champions. These are professionally filmed like any other sport is, they even have sports commentators and live audiences.

Professional competitors in World Chase Tag championships are quick, tactical, and have a million tricks up their sleeves!

Is touch tag a sport? Absolutely — and the global tournaments are proof of that!


airsoft is also a recognized sportIt shouldn’t be surprising that airsoft is also a recognized sport. Part of the appeal of the game is how realistic it is, from the guns to where it’s played.

Airsoft venues and players are peppered around the globe, from North America to New Zealand, to Asia. Anyone interested in joining the airsoft community can get high-quality equipment and join a local team in the blink of an eye — no matter where they are in the world (except in Australia, where airsoft is illegal).

If you’re in the United States, you can visit the Airsoft League website to learn about nearby teams, airsoft shops, fields, teams, and other players. The organization that has gone into connecting airsoft players is very impressive!

Most airsoft games involve camouflage gear (although players would probably prefer them to be called uniforms) and environments with lots of levels, places to hide, and plenty of opportunities to strategize.

It certainly makes sense why airsoft has turned into a legitimate sport, it’s the perfect combination of mental and physical skill.

Here’s the Deal 

Laser tag is 100% a sport. While it’s not as big as paintball has become, we have high hopes that it will be one day.

Don’t have a laser tag league near you? Now’s your chance to start one!

We’d love to hear how it goes!

Happy tagging!


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