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Top 5 Laser Tag Centers in Colorado Springs CO

Colorado Springs has a lot going for it. The stunning mountains, lush greenery, and splendid landmarks are just a few reasons Colorado Spring locals are lucky to live there.

To make things even better, Colorado Springs has five great laser tag centers in and around it. All of these centers have decorated arenas, friendly staff, and reasonable prices. There are a couple of outdoor laser arena options for when the weather’s good, along with a few indoor spaces when stormy clouds roll in.

Laser Tag Centers in Colorado Springs CO

So, if you have a free weekend coming up, don’t make plans until you’ve checked out the surrounding laser tag centers!

1/ The Summit Interquest

Address: 1180 Interquest Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Phone Number: 719-278-3861

This classic entertainment center is the solution to any rainy day or afternoon left open from canceled plans. The Summit Interquest offers bowling, a range of exciting arcade games, and of course, laser tag!

The center calls their laser tag “The Laser’s Edge at The Summit” and hints at how exciting and immersive playing there is. Their arena is 3,500 square feet which is plenty of room for several players to run around and have a blast. The space is made up of two levels and can accommodate up to 30 players at a time.

Players can expect to gear up and fight the opposing team on a mystical foreign planet. A giant cobra head, an underwater diving suit, and several stone passageways topped with tropical overgrowth are just a few things you will see when playing The Laser’s Edge.

The phasers are large and made of transparent plastic that gives them a science-fiction look. Of course, no phaser is complete without accompanying lights and sound effects!

There’s no age limit at The Laser’s Edge, but players should be at least 44 inches tall. So, take out the measuring tape before heading over if you think your child might not be that tall!

Weekdays are discounted until Friday at 5pm, so get over there before then if you’re looking for a deal.

Customers agreed laser tag was a highlight for them. It was entertaining, affordable, and the equipment worked well. As a bonus, many visitors also have a great time bowling!

2/ American Paintball Coliseum

Address: 834 Emory Cir, Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Phone Number: 719-597-4796

Everyone loves a traditional blacklight indoor laser tag center, but why not switch it up every now and again? American Paintball Coliseum offers a unique laser tag experience that adults will also get a kick out of!

The arena is inside a giant warehouse and the space has been filled with giant barrels, an abandoned army truck painted with a shark-like grin and topped with greenery, and plenty of obstacles and panels to duck and hide behind.

There’s even a giant fighter jet that looks like it’s been torn out of the jungle after crashing there decades ago. Their attention to detail is fantastic!

Players will love this realistic take on laser tag. Unlike the phasers used in blacklight arenas, these are painted in neutral tones and look similar to those the military might use!

Still not convinced? American Paintball Coliseum also offers paintball and airsoft to those up for more of a challenge. They’ve also recently introduced virtual reality.

Customers had a great time during their visit. One customer was apprehensive about going to play alone but he ended up playing with kind and encouraging people who happened to show up simultaneously.

Other customers appreciated how kind the staff were and how many activities there were to choose from. It’s a great place to throw a birthday party, especially for energetic teens!

3/ MobilMayhem

Address: Wherever you want!

Phone Number: 719-425-9540

It’s fun to get out on the town, but sometimes you just want fun to come to you. That’s where MobilMayhem comes in!

This mobile party service is perfect for birthday parties, office events, weddings, or any other celebration that needs a little jazzing up with laser tag. The service can be set up in any outdoor clearing like your backyard or even a park and they provide everything your party needs to have the laser tag experience of a lifetime.

The field is set up with portable obstacles and walls so players can run for cover in what was previously open space. The obstacles are black and made from a tent-like material.

Every game comes with a coach or referee to explain the rules to the players and run the game. That way, parents don’t need to worry about handling 15 excited kids who don’t understand how to play the game.

The phasers have built-in sensors, which is great for little children who may not fit into a vest or enjoy the sensation of an extra layer. It’s also ideal for those hot Colorado summers where no one wants to think about putting on a vest.

There are two services available. One is for children ages 8 and up and the other is for players 14 or older. We recommend going with the older age package if you are ordering this for adults. The packages are priced for 10 players but you can add another 10 players for an additional cost.

4/ SOCO Tactical Laser Tag

laser tag with headbands
Address: 1216 E Evans Ave, Pueblo, CO 81004

Phone Number: 719-334-7580

A short drive away in Pueblo, SOCO Tactical Laser Tag is making memories with their epic laser tag arena.

Their laser tag arena is 7,000 square feet, which is substantial, and is post-apocalyptic zombie- themed. Laser tag is already fun on its own, but the addition of spooky flesh-hungry zombies makes the space unique!

Passageways have been made with camouflage tarps and giant metal barrels. While playing, players can expect to run into decapitated zombie heads, abandoned bunkers, and maybe even a walking dead-but-not-dead zombie.

Don’t like wearing a vest? Not a problem! All of the phasers are hooked up to headbands lined with sensors so you can take down opponents feeling comfortable.

We love playing tactical laser tag because it makes the game challenging and lets players get creative with ways to win.

Don’t rush home as soon as your laser tag game ends! SOCO Tactical Laser Tag also has an escape room if you’ve still got some energy to burn off.

Their party space is simple but cheerful, and we have no doubt any party girl/boy would appreciate spending their special day there.

Customers had an awesome time at this laser tag center. Parents’ kids enjoyed it and several visitors loved how many passageways and places to hide the laser tag arena had. The staff is friendly and the smaller games (like pool or table tennis) were enjoyed by several customers!

5/ Epic Entertainment

Address: 701 S Pueblo Blvd, Pueblo, CO 81005

Phone Number: 719-334-0612

Also located in Pueblo, Epic Entertainment is just as advertised — epic! This family entertainment center has batting cages, an outdoor laser tag maze, mini golf, and plenty of ice cream and cotton candy for everyone!

Their arena is self-described as exciting, futuristic, and universally appealing to all ages. Kids have to be at least four years old to play, which is relatively young for a laser tag arena!

There are plenty of passageways to explore in the outdoor laser tag maze. The setup is relatively simple and modern. We can imagine families coming to Epic Entertainment to enjoy a few hours in the beautiful Colorado sun.

The laser tag keeps score, so it’s perfect for competitive players.

Families have had a great time at Epic Entertainment. Things are reasonably priced and customers agree it’s a great place for a birthday party.

We’re happy to report that the staff is friendly and welcoming at the center and visitors enjoyed the outdoor playing experience.

Ready, Set, Go!

Now that you know what kind of laser tag center options are in and around Colorado Springs, which one will you try out first? Will it be SOCO Tactical Laser Tag for their 7,000 square feet arena or American Paintball Coliseum for their military-style space? Who knows, you might even go for MobilMayhem and bring the game straight to your backyard!

Do you live in Colorado Springs? Have you visited any of these laser tag centers? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay safe, have fun, and happy tagging!


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