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Top 5 Laser Tag Centers in Nashville TN

Nashville is the birthplace of country music. It’s a city packed with good food, amazing tunes, and incredibly friendly people. That’s all good and well—but what about their laser tag scene?

Well, Nashville also has five awesome laser tag centers in and around it. If it’s a rainy day or a summer heatwave is passing through town, these fun laser tag centers will keep the whole family occupied and entertained for hours!

Laser Tag Centers in Nashville TN

All of these centers are awesome for children and would make great first laser tag experiences. So, load up the family in the car and go start tagging!

1/ Adventure Alley

lasertag playing space with glowing pillars
Address: 460 W Main St, Hendersonville, TN 37075

Phone Number: 615-590-4386

Feeling adventurous? Come on down to Adventure Alley and let your children spread their little wings in this fun-filled entertainment center. There is something for everyone here and it’s only a 25-minute drive away from the center of Nashville!

The establishment has gone all out in ensuring their laser tag arena has everything it needs to be awesome. It has a multi-story playing space filled with blacklight, glowing pillars, and exhilarating music to get you in the zone.

They also have a new laser tag system, so visitors can expect to play with high-quality phasers and vests. It’s the classic indoor laser tag experience every family wants!

Even the entrance to the laser tag arena is exciting. The bright purples and greens make the space look like a retro video game. We know kids will be squealing to get inside and explore the dimly-lit passageways while holding a glowing phaser.

The good news is, laser tag is only one of several attractions Adventure Alley offers. They also have bumper cars, bowling, mini-golf, go-karting, and an arcade! The mini-golf is completely glow-in-the-dark—even the balls and clubs are luminescent.

The arcade is packed with exciting games including one where you have to sit on a motorcycle seat to steer and play. That sounds awesome!

Customers generally had a great time. Those who threw their children’s birthday parties there were satisfied with the service and pleased with how much fun their children were having. Just remember to bring sanitizing wipes if you’re concerned about germs!

2/ Strike & Spare

Address: 90 Volunteer Dr, Hendersonville, TN 37075

Phone Number: 615-824-5685

Don’t let the name fool you. While this Hendersonville-based fun zone has fantastic bowling, they also have laser tag and several other entertaining activities!

Strike & Spare’s laser tag arena is sci-fi themed and is the perfect place for children and parents to have fun tagging their opponents. While the arena isn’t incredibly large, it is big enough for children to have an awesome 10 minutes of playing time. Children must be at least five to play.

Customers had a great time when playing laser tag. They loved how affordable it was and how family-friendly the space was.

Many visitors listed laser tag as one of the several reasons others should come give Spike & Spare a try!

You can buy wristbands at the door for you and your children to play all of the games as many times as you want. Several parents thought the package was a great deal.

Spike & Spare also has bungee jumping, roller skating, a playground, bumper cars, two immersive games called Time Freak and Lazer Frenzy, and an arcade! They even host bowling tournaments if you’re feeling competitive.

We love the sound of Time Freak the most. It’s original, sounds exciting, and we know kids will love it, too!

They also have a delicious restaurant and bar where players can refuel and hydrate. There’s even alcohol for the adults and all-day breakfast! Pancakes at 10 pm? Yes, please!

3/ Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center

Address: 333 N Lowry St, Smyrna, TN 37167

Phone Number: 678-965-5707

Are you ready for the time of your life? Stars and Strikes have several fun activities for kids and adults of all ages.

Let’s get right into their laser tag arena since it’s arguably their best attraction. The space was designed to look like an action movie set.

The multi-level arena is packed with winding pathways, panels painted with geometric lines that look like giant computer chips, or the walls of a top-secret government training facility.

There’s also a large, interesting-looking electronic object hanging from the ceiling and several barrels of toxic waste throughout the maze of hallways. Make sure not to knock one over, you wouldn’t want to cover your teammates with oozing green goo!

Stars and Strikes are proud of how clean, modern, and safe their laser tag arena is and confidently calls itself the best laser tag experience around.

This establishment also has axe throwing, bumper cars, an escape room, augmented reality bowling, virtual reality, and an arcade. Every single space is beautifully put together and filled with bright colors and detail-oriented props.

Customers loved their time at Stars and Strikes. Several visitors agreed that laser tag was one of the best attractions at the facility and appreciated how intricate and immersive the laser tag arena was.

We love to hear about people having fun, so we’re happy to hear customers walked out of Stars and Strikes having made positive laser tag memories!

4/ Phazer Kraze Laser Tag

Address: 252 River Rock Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN 37128

Phone Number: 615-895-6950

Phazer Kraze Laser Tag lies only a 40-minute drive away in Murfreesboro and has received raving reviews for its laser tag.

This is Murfreesboro’s largest laser tag arena, but its size isn’t the only reason people love it. The ambiance inside the arena is incredible. The space is filled with smoke, glowing lights that pave the pathways but aren’t too bright, and plenty of corridors and panels to keep players guessing what’s behind every corner.

We love how energetic and immersive the space is!

Phazer Kraze provides a clean, family-friendly laser tag experience with their light-up phasers and vests, and visually-stimulated gear-up room. Some laser tag establishments will have their players put on their vests in a boring undecorated room, but not Phazer Kraze! Their attention to detail is commendable!

They also have an arcade and a private party room so children can enjoy cake and present openings without disturbing the rest of the customers.

It’s safe to say customers love Phazer Kraze. Several customers even said it was their best laser tag experience so far and one visitor appreciated that they turned off the strobe lights so his epileptic friend could play with them.

The staff is friendly and professional and everything is kept clean and sanitary, which is always important.

5/ Anywhere Laser Tag

Address: Wherever you want!

Phone Number: 615-256-2560

Like the name implies, this laser tag can be played anywhere!

Let the fun come to you with Anywhere Laser Tag, an entertainment delivery service that will provide the equipment, set up, and entertainment for your next birthday party, church function, or school event.

Don’t live in Nashville? No problem! They deliver anywhere in Tennessee!

There are several mission types to choose from, including Stop the Bomb, Capitan, and Hunger Games. You can pick one mission to play several times, or switch things up every game to keep everyone on their toes.

Every mobile party includes 12 phasers, and Anywhere Laser Tag says about 60 people can get the chance to play every hour. A game coordinator will be at the party to referee, explain the different mission options, and teach players how the equipment works.

If you’re planning on having a really big party, Anywhere Laser Tag can accommodate up to 24 players on the battlefield at once for an extra cost.

We can imagine how awesome this service would be for a birthday party. Who knows, adults might even end up joining in on the fun—especially if it means they get to duck in and behind the several bunkers set up around the outdoor space!

Just keep in mind that children need to be at least eight years old to play, so you wouldn’t want to book this for a five-year-old’s birthday bash.

Time to Start Tagging!

Now that you know about all of the exciting laser tag centers in Nashville, it’s time to start tagging. Which one will you go for? Will it be Adventure Alley so you can squeeze in a game of glow-in-the-dark mini golf? Or will you go to Stars and Strikes and experience their incredible laser tag arena?

Let us know where you go first!

Are you a Nashville local? Have you tried any of these centers? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

Have fun, stay safe, and happy tagging!


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