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Top 5 Laser Tag Centers in Salisbury MD

There are a lot of perks to living in Salisbury. You’re near the ocean, you get to enjoy the small-town feeling, and it’s home to a great university. However, there’s more to Salisbury than meets the eye…

It also has access to some fantastic laser tag centers. While few of these are actually in Salisbury, they are all very nearby and well-worth a short car ride.

Laser Tag Centers in Salisbury

There are plenty of fantastic places locals can eat great food, play a few arcade games, and get really into a round or two of laser tag. All of these establishments have received positive reviews, and we love the look of their well-designed laser tag arenas.

Keep reading to learn about the top 5 laser tag centers in or near Salisbury, Maryland that you’re missing out on!

1. Crown Sports Center

Address: 28410 Crown Road Fruitland, Maryland 21822

Phone Number: 410-860-1234

Crown Sports Center is just a short drive from Salisbury and features a glowing laser tag arena, along with skating, rock climbing, and a decked out arcade. The playing arena is 2-levels tall, and self-described as ‘state-of-the-art’. Elaborate lights and energetic music add to the experience. Crown Sports Center requires that children are at least seven years old and 48 inches tall (4 feet). They even have discounts for different days and times of the week, so you’re bound to get a good deal with a little research.

What stands out in their laser tag arena is the giant realistic alien propped in some sort of reactor pod. A glowing orb sits on top of the incased extraterrestrial along with a strange symbol that could mean the alien is radioactive, toxic, or perhaps it’s his name in a bizarre language earthlings can’t read.

The point is, the establishment has clearly gone all out to make their venue stand out. The area is covered in glowing blue panels and looks like the inside of a spaceship. While the center does let kids play, we have no doubt parents and other adults would enjoy playing here as well.

You can also book the entire venue for a party or event, as long as the group is made up of at least five people.

2. Game World

Laser tag centers

Address: 107 146th St, Ocean City, MD 21842

Phone Number: 410-250-3888

Located in Ocean City, Maryland, which is an easy drive away, Game World features 7500 feet of laser tag and arcade fun. This is the perfect place for kids to hone in their laser tag skills since they will have so much room to run around and tag opponents.

One of our favorite parts of their laser tag venue is its theme. In the Final Assault Laser Tag game, players are given a mission to track down a secret organization called The Swarm in New York City. The evil group of people wants to take over the city and make it their new headquarters. Apolyyn, the organization’s leader, has spent the past 15 years building an army of equally terrible soldiers in the metropolitan sewers. The mission is simple; defeat The Swarm and save the city!

The laser tag arena is packed with color, brightly colored lights, and is made to look like a glow-in-the-dark version of New York City. Rough brick wall panels, graffiti, and an endless sea of skyscrapers are all features in this end-of-the-world arena. Children will love it, and parents will want to get in on the fun as well!

Game World also has an arcade, mini golf, and even hosts private parties. We appreciate the variety of entertainment available since a single laser tag game won’t fill your whole night.

The establishment is also quite proud of their pizza and other kid-friendly foods. So if you’re going in the evening, stay for dinner!

3. Lefty’s Alley Eats

Address: 36450 Plaza Dr Lewes, DE 19958

Phone Number: 302-337-5436

To start, Lefty’s Alley Eats has fantastic food. It looks fresh, has great reviews, and it’s not what you’d expect from an establishment that also hosts laser tag games! From colorful salads to ribeye steak, you can eat well then win a laser tag game all at the same place!

Now for the laser tag, this establishment does not disappoint. To start, the venue is incredible. Inspired by the Maryland coast, players will feel transported 1000 feet underwater in this extravagantly dreamy arena.

Floating above the area are these aquatic mermen, which will make players question what’s really at the bottom of the ocean. Admittedly, we think this might be a little frightening for super young players, but slightly older children will love it!

Each laser tag round lasts 12 minutes, which is plenty of time to master the terrain and take down the opposing team without getting bored or too out of breath.

We love that the laser tag guns shine as bright as the venue does, and that the area where players can vest-up resembles a submarine glossing inches over the trenches of the deep sea. Lefty’s Alley Eats has clearly thought of everything when designing the arena, and it shows.

This spot is particularly great for groups of parents and children. The kids can enjoy an immersive laser tag game while the parents feast on carefully curated menus. Who knows, they might even be tempted to have a crack at an arcade game or round of laser tag, too!

4. Tropical Extremes

Address: They come to you!

Phone Number: 239-594-1527

This mobile laser tag service may not be your run of the mill laser tag center, but it’s still an awesome experience available to Salisbury locals. Tropical Extremes provides players with the ultimate laser tag experience with Laser Battle!

Laser Battle is a paintball laser tag hybrid. The game involves military grade infrared guns and Tropical Extremes specifically says that it is not for young children.

Ordering from Tropical Extremes won’t just get you the cool laser tag guns, the Laser Battle package also comes with several inflatable bunkers, along with optional hand grenades, music, a photo gallery, and more!

The Tropical Extremes laser tag service is great for large parties since each game can accommodate a maximum of 16 people. That means up to 200 people can get a chance to play every hour. Alternatively, a smaller group of people can play several times in a short rental period.

We also love that the service comes with coaching, which demonstrates that Tropical Extremes values how fantastic laser tag can be for team building, getting exercise, and keeping your mind sharp!

While some people may pass this service off as only suitable for a backyard, the mobile laser tag can be set up practically anywhere. Even a conference room can be turned into a tactical laser tag terrain! They even have interesting programming options like M-16, Sniper, and Oozie.

Laser tag enthusiasts will love this service, and beginners will become hooked to the thrill of tagging!

5. Castle Laser Tag

Address: 14201 Woodcliff Court Bowie, MD 20720

Phone Number: 301-352-8413

We’re not going to lie, Castle Laser Tag is a couple hours away from Salisbury in Bowie, Maryland. However, it’s too good to not mention.

The laser tag venue is castle themed (hence the name) and players should expect guidance from a wise wizard in the time of knights and castles. This is the medieval adventure turned upside-down with laser tag, exciting lights, intense music, and even fog to add to the mystery!

You have the option to play solo and protect the castle from any other player, but you can also play as a team which gives players the chance to develop strategies and enjoy the more tactical side of the game together. The choice is yours, and Castle Laser Tag guarantees fun either way!

Time to Have Some Fun!

Now that you’ve learned a bit about each laser tag center, it’s time to get out and play!

Laser tag game

Which one sounds more like your speed? Personally, we love Lefty’s Alley Eats and Tropical Extremes because they’ve both clearly invested a lot of time and energy into curating the perfect playing experience. However, all of these look like a wonderfully exciting time!

Let us know if you’re planning to or already have visited any of these establishments. We would love to know what you think of them.

Have fun tagging!



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