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Comparing Armogear vs. Laser X Laser Tag Sets

Laser tag sets are an affordable way to take laser tag battles from the arena to your home. Buying your own laser tag set means you’ll be able to play laser tag whenever you please, customize your own arena, and make up your own game modes.

However, buying the right laser tag set can be a tough decision. There are so many factors to consider—product durability, function, extra features, safety, and more—that you might be overwhelmed when you start browsing for the right laser tag set.

armogear laser tag vs laser x

But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. The ArmoGear  and Laser X  laser tag sets are considered to be some of the best sets in the market, so we’ve put these two products head-to-head to see which one is the better choice.

Keep reading to find out what laser tag set comes out on top and why we chose it as our top pick.

The Basics of Each Laser Tag Set

Before we dive into our comparisons, here’s a table that lists the equipment that comes with each set, how many batteries each set needs, and other basic information on each of the sets:


ArmoGear Four Player Laser Tag SetLaser X Two Player Laser Tag Set
Number of Players Supported42
Equipment Included4 blasters and 4 vests2 blasters and 2 arm guards
Laser Gun Shooting Range (ft)150100
Batteries Needed Per Blaster3 AAA3 AAA
In-game Features
  • Interactive voice coach
  • Light effects
  • Sound effects
  • Different gun modes
  • Mode that allows players to play without vests
  • Interactive voice coach
  • Light effects
  • Sound effects
Batteries Needed Per Receiver3 AAAReceiver is linked to blaster and doesn’t require its own batteries
Total Batteries Needed for Whole Set24 AAA if vests used,

12 AAA if vests aren’t used

Age RequirementsFor 8-year-olds and upFor 12-year-olds and up
PriceCheck price on Amazon Check price on Amazon 

Our Comparison Criteria

To guarantee an in-depth review of each laser tag set, we will compare the following features of each:

  • Number of players supported
  • Shooting ranges of blasters
  • Accuracy of blasters
  • Durability
  • Battery life
  • Extra features

Now, let’s dive in:

Number of Players Supported

When playing laser tag, one thing is true almost all the time—the more the merrier. With a greater number of people, your games will be more intense and require more critical thinking and exertion. And that means they’ll be more fun!

ArmoGear Laser Tag Set

ArmoGear Laser Tag – Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set of 4

The ArmoGear Laser Tag set comes with a pack of four blasters and vests, meaning you’ll be able to play games with up to four players at once with just one set.

One great feature that comes with the ArmoGear Laser Tag set is that separate sets are still compatible with each other. That means your friends’ blasters and vests will work with yours, allowing you to play with even more than four players.

Using the “team select” feature on each blaster, you’ll be able to join one of four teams. However, if you’re playing with more than one laser tag set and greater than four players, you’ll still have to make do with four teams. That means this set lacks a free-for-all mode if you choose to combine sets.

Laser X Laser Tag Set

LASER X Two Player Laser Gaming Set, Multi, 2 Laser units with 2 Arms Receivers

The Laser X Laser Tag set supports two players, which we think doesn’t allow for as much fun as ArmoGear’s Four Player set. You’ll only be able to play with one other person if you only buy one set.

Just like with the ArmoGear sets, you can combine Laser X sets to play with a greater number of people. However, Laser X only allows you to play with up to two teams or play free-for-all. Though Laser X has the free-for-all mode that ArmoGear lacks, its lack of team-select options means your team games won’t be as much fun.

Winner: ArmoGear

Shooting Ranges of Blasters

ArmoGear Laser Tag Set

The ArmoGear blasters are able to shoot up to 150 feet away. This is more than the length of most backyards and rooms, so you’ll be able to play in the house and in the yard without a problem.

Laser X Laser Tag Set

The Laser X blasters are able to shoot up to 100 feet away. This will be enough to play in your backyard or in your house, but it won’t be as good as the ArmoGear set for playing in fields or parks.

Winner: ArmoGear

Accuracy of Blasters

ArmoGear Laser Tag Set

ArmoGear Laser Tag – Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set of 4

Laser tag sets often have one main problem—they aren’t that accurate up close. The ArmoGear blasters are no exception, and multiple users have complained that they are lacking in close-quarter accuracy.

The signals from the blasters are also prone to bouncing off of walls and furniture, meaning playing inside will be a challenge if you’re battling in a cluttered room. ArmoGear’s accuracy scopes are a tech-free way to fix the aiming issues and are a great addition if you plan on battling inside a lot.

Laser X Laser Tag Set

The Laser X blasters also have similar accuracy problems as the ArmoGear blasters, but their case is less severe. These blasters are the better choice for close-quarter battles than those that come with the ArmoGear, meaning this is our pick for indoor play.

Winner: Laser X Laser Tag Set


ArmoGear Laser Tag Set

ArmoGear Laser Tag – Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set of 4

The ArmoGear set has been praised by customers for its durable build. The components are made up of tough plastic that won’t break even if they are dropped by children multiple times.

Laser X Laser Tag Set

LASER X Two Player Laser Gaming Set, Multi, 2 Laser units with 2 Arms Receivers

The Laser X sets are made of the same type of hard plastic used to make the ArmoGear sets, meaning they’ll be just as reliable. If you’re looking to buy a durable laser tag set, then the ArmoGear and Laser X sets are both great options.

Winner: Tie

Battery Life

ArmoGear Laser Tag Set

The ArmoGear sets sure are fun to play with, but they aren’t the best choice if you’re trying to avoid frequent battery purchases.

The set requires a total of 24 batteries , three per gun and three per vest, and they’ll run out after around three hours of use. That means the ArmoGear set isn’t well-suited for those planning to play laser tag frequently.

Laser X Laser Tag Set

The Laser X set has a battery life of around six hours, which is impressive since the whole two-player set requires only six batteries . That means you won’t be spending as much on batteries and will also be able to battle more frequently—which we think is definitely a win-win.

Winner: Laser X Laser Tag Set

Extra Features

ArmoGear Laser Tag Set

What the ArmoGear set lacks in battery life, it definitely makes up for with all the amazing effects it comes with.

The ArmoGear vests and blasters are light-up and have vibrations, which will make shooting other players and getting shot a more realistic experience. The sound effects that the blasters make are also a great touch, meaning it will be easier to find your opponents if you’re playing in a larger area.

Another awesome feature that the ArmoGear sets have is an interactive voice coach. By plugging your headphones into the vest, you’ll be able to receive voice prompts from a voice coach while playing.

This coach will remind you to duck while getting shot at, run sideways to make it harder for opponents to hit your vest, and give you loads of other tips that will give you an advantage over your opponents.

The ArmoGear set also has a nighttime mode for those that want to play in the dark. This activates a flashlight on the gun and allows players to hide from each other and launch surprise attacks.

The last awesome feature we’ll be discussing is ArmoGear’s gun-selection feature. You’ll be able to pick from four different guns: a pistol, a rifle, a shotgun, and a rocket launcher.

Each of these guns will provide a different playstyle to help you adapt to different situations. The rifle and pistol shoot quickly and have low reloaded times, while the shotgun and rocket launcher take longer to reload but pack a lot of damage.

Laser X Laser Tag Set

The Laser X set also has loads of fun features that will spice up your laser tag battles. One of them is the interactive voice coach, which functions in much the same way as the one that comes with the ArmoGear set—just plug in your headphones for some quick in-game tips.

Another great feature of the Laser X sets is the light and sound effects, which make the game a more immersive experience. However, users have complained that the sound effects of the blasters are really loud and make it near-impossible to sneak up on your opponents.

If you like ambushing your opponents and setting up traps, then the Laser X laser tag sets aren’t the best option.

Winner: ArmoGear Laser Tag Set


ArmoGear Laser Tag Set: 3 wins

Laser X Laser Tag Set: 2 wins

Laser Tag SetProsCons
ArmoGear Four Player Laser Tag Set
  • Allows for up to four teams
  • Has the option to choose whether to use vests
  • Has a 150-foot range
  • Allows for nighttime play with nighttime-mode
  • Allows for gun selection
  • Guns aren’t that accurate in close-quarters
  • Uses lots of batteries and has a short battery life
  • Doesn’t have a free-for-all mode
Laser X Two Player Laser Tag Set
  • Has a free-for-all mode
  • Guns are accurate
  • Doesn’t use many batteries and has a longer battery life
  • Only allows for up to two teams
  • 100-foot range might be lacking for outdoor play
  • Doesn’t have many extra features
  • Can be very loud

Final Verdict

Both of these laser tag sets are great, so we understand why you were having trouble picking only one of them. But now that we’ve discussed all of the advantages and disadvantages of each set, it’s clear that the winner of this roundup is the ArmoGear Four Player Laser Tag set.

This laser tag set is better for a number of reasons. Not only does it have way more features, it allows for more teams to battle, has a longer shooting range, allows for nighttime play, and doesn’t have the loud beeping that comes with the Laser X set.

However, at the end of the day, it also depends on the type of laser tag set you’re looking for. If you’re in the market for a fun experience, the ArmoGear set is the better choice. For those in need of a laser tag set with great battery life, the Laser X set is right up your alley.


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