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10 Best Laser Tag Arenas

Feel like traveling the world and hitting all of the best laser tag spots? We’ve got you covered!

Here are ten of the best laser tag arenas in the world! Most of them are in the United States, but we’ve thrown in a few international ones that were too good to leave out.

laser tag arena

1/ The Edge 

Located in Belleville, Illinois, this laser tag arena spans 14,00 feet. It’s a multi-level playing course and is complete with fog machines and music. The Edge’s arena is pretty large, and can accommodate up to sixty players at a time — so you can bring all your extended family there to play.

Several different games and missions are available and the arena is elaborately decorated to look like an alien glowing forest! It’s an immersive experience that leaves customers excited and ready to play another game.

Check out their promotional video (see above) to get an idea of what playing with them would look like. Pretty awesome, right?

2/ Laser X Arena 

This 13,000 square feet arena is located in Kirkland, Washington, and has a fantastic reputation. Their gear is super professional looking, making sense since their goal is to give players a Hollywood-style playing experience. Think of a chase scene in a high-budget action movie — that’s what playing at Laser X Arena feels like.

Laser X Arena claims that their equipment and software are the same as SWAT teams and special operation teams use worldwide. All of the equipment is very realistic looking — arguably the most realistic on the list!

This is probably one of many reasons why they have plenty of large corporate guests including Google, Ebay, IKEA, Yahoo, and UPS. Giant corporations looking to thank their employees for their hard work have all enjoyed this arena — which we think is a testament to how good of a time they are able to provide!

3/ Actionworld Team 

This is one of the international arenas on the list. It’s located in Switzerland and is pretty impressive.

Actionworld Team is 1,200 square meters large (12,900 square feet) and is the biggest laser tag arena in Switzerland. It’s made up of several floors and several rooms — so forget about those boring single room laser tag arenas you picture when you think about laser tag!

The arena also has balconies to look over, so you can spy on your enemies and shoot from above. Each game has a maximum capacity of forty players and lasts for twelve minutes. So you have just enough time to give it your all without getting too worn out.

4/ Stratum Laser Tag

This laser tag arena, located in Mesa, Arizona, is awesome. It’s made up of fifteen different levels anywhere from two feet tall to twenty feet tall.

Stratum Laser tag arena also consists of ninety towers, bridges, and ramps. That is insane! It’s a super interactive arena from start to finish that will keep you on your toes.

To make things even better, the whole arena is decorated with blacklight murals that look super trippy. We would love to run around it with some great music playing and get into the zone of enjoying laser tag!

Each game has a maximum capacity of sixty players, and there are several different games available. That means you can go over and over again and play something different.

It’s also great for team building, and Stratum Laser Tag has everything set up to make bringing in a group super convenient and fun. Unexpectedly, they even host education programs — there is something for everyone there!

As of July 2021, the arena is still temporarily closed due to COVID, but we can’t wait for it to open back up as soon as possible.

5/ Winter Laser World 

This is another international location that we couldn’t resist putting in here. It’s probably one of the coolest ones on the list and we wish we could hop on a plane and go there right now!

Winter Laser World is located in Levi, Finland, and is an outdoor laser tag arena. It’s beautifully set in a  Finnish natural forest and is gently lit up with colored lights. This arena plays into the Finnish fairy tale fantasy and is nothing like anything you’ve probably seen before.

They also have archery, which you can play on its own or along with the laser tag. They call this their Hunger Games and we couldn’t agree more. It sounds incredible.

According to TripAdvisor, the arena features “snow bunkers, trenches, bridges, abandoned buildings, and sniper towers”. You could spend hours exploring, hiding, stalking, and just have a blast here.

Just make sure to dress warmly — especially in the wintertime! It can get very, very cold and you might end up playing in the snow in well-below freezing weather. Playing at night is arguably the best way to play since the lights come on and everything looks other-worldly, but it can get pretty chilly!

The Winter Laser World is a must-go if you’re visiting or live in Finland. And if you get a chance to go, please let us know how it was!

6/ Laser Tag Explosion

Laser Tag Explosion is located in East Dundee, Illinois, and is pretty impressive. This is the world’s largest laser tag arena, coming in at 40,000 square feet.

That is insanely large! Especially considering that most arenas on this list are around 12,000 feet. When you consider that, the Laser Tag Explosion arena seems almost unfathomably large.

Not only is this laser tag arena huge, but it’s also made up of three different levels. Think about the number of ways you can play a game where — you could take on a different position and try different tactics every time.

The arena is influenced by a “top secret government facility”, so players feel like they’re top-secret international agents on a top-secret mission. They also host plenty of different events, from birthday parties to bachelorette parties, to any other celebration you can think of.

Laser Tag Explosion has phenomenal reviews, and we’re super jealous of anyone who gets to visit this arena regularly.

7/ Revolution Laser Tag

This is the biggest laser tag arena in Michigan, so you’re missing out if you live there and haven’t visited it yet. Revolution Laser Tag comes in at 7,000 square feet, which may sound small compared to some of the other arenas on this list but don’t worry — it’s still pretty large and can accommodate up to forty players per game.

They use LaserForce equipment, which is one of the most established laser tag gear companies around. The arena is also super well designed, and much thought has gone into making it perfect for the sport.

It’s so well designed, that Revolution Laser Tag has hosted many professional laser tag tournaments in the past. That’s a testament to how much-seasoned players trust and enjoy playing there.

You can expect two levels of winding hallways and ramps in this arena, and it’s all painted with glow-in-the-dark aliens, planets, and meteors. We love a well-themed arena, so it’s great that they do too!

8/ Track 21 

This laser tag arena is located in Houston, Texas, and it sounds super fun! Coming in at 8,000 square feet, Track 21 can hold up to 45 players per game — so you can bring your whole party there!

The arena is made up of two stories and we love the way it’s decorated. The colors are bright and really add to their ambiance.

Track 21 uses LaserForce equipment, which is great since you know exactly what to expect when arriving. There are twelve different mission options and players can split up into seven different teams. That means there are endless ways to play!

You could switch up the mission, or try different team combinations until you get the perfect collection of players strong in defense, offense, and charisma! You can also adjust the number of teams in a game, so if less but larger teams sound like your thing — go for it!

9/ Laser Zone

Also located in Texas, Laser Zone is the laser tag arena to visit in Sugar Land. It’s 13,000 square feet large, and is made up of four different laser tag levels.

Test out your flexibility and coordination in their laser maze. You can pretend you’re an international bank robber pulling off the heist of your life in a top-secret high-security international bank.

Laser Zone uses the Gen8 LaserForce Battlesuits, which means you get to play with really great equipment that you probably wouldn’t be able to get your hands on if you played at home.

An average game at Laser Zone lasts for twenty minutes, which is on the longer side for laser tag games. Just make sure you’re hydrated, fed, and ready to play when you show up!

The walls are painted with bright murals of alien lands. It almost looks like you’ve landed on an undiscovered planet on the other side of the milky way.

Still not picturing it? Don’t worry! You can take a virtual tour online to scope out the arena (that means all four floors) and plan your game! It’s also a great opportunity to assess the arena if you’re worried about any trip hazards or if a super young or old player will have a good time there.

10/ Area 53 

Located in New York City, New York, Area 53 is one of the best laser tag options in the area! To make things even better, they also have paintball and airsoft — so you can enjoy all of your recreational sports in one place.

Each session lasts 90-120 minutes, and comprises three 10-15 minute games. That way, you can play then have some time to rest and recover before hopping in for the next round.

The arena looks like an old factory basement and is packed full of columns and obstacles. It’s not as flashy and bright as many other laser tag arenas but we like that. Area 53 knows how to mix things up!

You could transport yourself into a dingy warehouse run by an evil corporation. Imagine you’re trying to rescue the president’s daughter or something like that. It’s a great arena to get into your zone!

Have Fun Exploring!

After having a look at ten of the best laser tag arena, which one caught your eye the most? Our favorite is  Winter Laser World in Levi, Finland. But we would also love to visit the world’s biggest laser tag arena at Laser Tag Explosion.

Have you ever visited any of these? What did you think? Do they live up to the hype?

Just keep in mind that some of these locations may not be open or might have different hours/requirements due to COVID. Be sure to call ahead or check their website for updates!

Have fun exploring all these awesome laser tag locations!


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