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Is Laser Tag for Adults?

It makes sense why some people think laser tag is just for children. Switch on the TV or walk through a toy store and you’ll probably come across a laser tag gun set targeted towards kids. Even Amazon has plenty of laser tag-related equipment in bright colors with kids having the time of their life plastered to the front of the packaging.

But just because children can play laser tag, doesn’t mean they are the only ones who are allowed to play it. Laser tag is fun! And it’s genuinely for everyone!

laser tag for adults

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Is it weird for adults to play laser tag?

The short answer to this is no.

Not only is it not weird for adults to play laser tag — it’s really cool. Laser tag is a recognized sport, and there are super talented grown-ups around the world competing in full-on laser tag tournaments.

If you thought that laser tag was running around and shooting people aimlessly, think again.

The Maneuvers 2018 annual laser tag championship game is a fantastic example of awesome, strong, and skilled adults coming together to enjoy a serious tactical game of laser tag. If you watch the game’s video (see above), you’ll realize that children would never be able to play as methodically as these players do.

There’s a ton of planning that goes into these kinds of games. Players prepare for weeks or even months and show up knowing exactly what positions their team members are going to be in and who they are going to try to take down first.

When watching the video, keep in mind that those players were the best in that tournament. That means tons of other players also prepped and competed for a chance to play in the championship.

But you don’t have to compete professionally to enjoy laser tag. The fact that there are laser tag establishments peppered across the globe is a testament to that.

If laser tag were only for children, it probably wouldn’t be as popular today. You also wouldn’t be able to get more elaborate equipment that isn’t painted in neon colors. Finding vests that fit adults would also be difficult.

However, even if you do enjoy playing with the brightly colored laser tag guns and other equipment marketed towards children, who cares? Fun is fun, and it is never weird to seek it out.

If you are still worried about being judged while playing, we recommend visiting a location where you can play laser tag. You’ll be surprised just how many players are adults — and how much fun they are having!

There are also online laser tag communities that you can join. People talk about their favorite equipment, their preferred laser tag games, and even just about how passionate they are about the sport!

Why should adults play laser tag?

If you’re still feeling hesitant, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few reasons why adults should be playing more laser tag!

It’s Fun

This is the most obvious but arguably most important reason to play laser tag as an adult. Everyone needs to destress and let loose, and laser tag is the perfect opportunity to do so.

No need to worry about the weather too much because it can be played indoors or outdoors, and it is the perfect balance between light-hearted fun and a bit of friendly competition.

You have to focus on your positioning, where your opponents are and communicating with teammates. Because of this, it’s difficult to get lost in your anxieties about work, family, or anything else you tend to overthink.

And since a casual laser tag game lasts no more than fifteen minutes, you can play a few rounds with it completely taking up your day or evening!

Good Exercise

playing laser tag is a good way to do physical exerciseYou can get your cardio for the day in when playing laser tag. There’s running, jumping, ducking, and any other move you might want to incorporate into your game.

Many indoor laser tag establishments put ramps and platforms into their arena to make the playing experience more interesting.

Playing laser tag in a forest or other natural settings is the most physically demanding way to play. You can jump over logs, crouch in or behind bushes, and (if you’re feeling wild) even try your hand at climbing a tree or two for optimum tagging!

However, if moving around too much isn’t your thing, you certainly shouldn’t feel the need to push yourself too hard. Laser tag is welcoming of all ages and abilities. That’s what makes it so great.

Team Building Opportunity

Laser tag is also a great choice for professionals eager to get to know their co-workers a little better. It can be played as a team-building sport since communication and coordination are essential to playing a good round of laser tag.

Capture the flag is a perfect team-building game to play with laser tag. Players need to be a little organized when planning to capture the other team’s flag.

If you get shot, you’re out, so playing impulsively will end the game and your chances of winning very quickly.

You could also play the laser tag game Capture the President, and use your boss/superior as the VIP. Not only would this be a great way to have a few laughs during and after the game, but it’s another great chance to work on your planning skills as a team.

How old is too old for laser tag?

how old is too old to playlaser tagRealistically, individuals worried about falling and any serious health concerns attached to taking a tumble should sit laser tag out. For some, 60 might be the cut-off for playing, but others might still feel fit and ready at 75!

Honestly, old age might not even be the first thing that stops people from playing laser tag. It’s really about how the individual feels.

A thirty-year-old who has a hard time running might be less suited for laser tag than a 65 year old who cycles and swims regularly. Listen to your body, and don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you cannot play!

We also recommend that you play with people similarly aged to you. It makes the game fairer and because everyone will be similar health-wise, you don’t need to worry about slowing your team down; or slowing you down!

Let’s Play!

So what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and hit the laser tag arena for some total valid adult fun.

You can also rent or buy laser tag equipment and host your own awesome laser tag party at home. The opportunities are endless!

And remember, if anyone tries to bring you down for playing laser tag, tell them that they are missing out on loads of fun and not to knock it until they give it a go themselves.

Have fun, stay safe, and let us know your favorite way to play laser tag with your friends!


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