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Can You Play Laser Tag Outside & in Daylight?

We all know that we can play laser tag in the dark. There are neon lights and paintings everywhere, and all you can see is the bright red laser from other people’s guns and their glowing vests.

Playing in the dark is a real experience, but playing outdoors in the sun is also really awesome. Whether you’re at home or at a fair, laser tag can be just as fun and rewarding when played in full daylight.

to play laser tag outside and in daylight

Let’s look at some reasons why playing laser tag in the sun might be better in some cases, how it works, and some of our favorite laser tag products!

Benefits to Playing Daylight Laser Tag


playing daylight laser tag is kid-friendlyPlaying in the dark can be scary and overwhelming for young children. They might be worried about losing their parents, getting lost themselves, or just taken aback by not being able to see their surroundings very well.

Daylight and/or outdoor laser tag is a great way for kids to have fun playing. There are no navigating dark hallways by playing this way, trying to identify faces in the dark, or getting overwhelmed by loud music.

This is also a great way for children (and even adults) to practice their aiming and tagging skills because you can clearly see the targets.

Easy to DIY

Since you don’t need a professional arena to play daylight laser tag, it is super easy to DIY at home! You can easily set up a game in your backyard and miss out on any big features that a professional laser tag establishment might have.

This also ties in with the first point of the game being kid-friendly. By playing at home, and in a setting the children are comfortable in, you’re able to keep everyone happy and having fun in the sun.

There are lots of fun ways to jazz up playing laser tag at home. You can get snazzy equipment (we’ll get to that soon), make themed food, and even have everyone dress up!

If throwing a laser tag party sounds right up your alley, you can read our articles on How to Throw a Laser Tag Party.


Nature is as budget-friendly as it gets, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as fun!

Laser tag establishments can get expensive. The intricately designed arenas and everything it takes to maintain them can add up, and those costs are obviously passed down to the customer.

The cost of running and playing daylight laser tag is typically lower — so it’s the perfect compromise for people on a budget, and as we mentioned, it’s easy to DIY which makes it even more affordable!

Do laser tag guns work in daylight?

The short answer to this question is yes. The red laser that shoots out of a laser tag gun is aesthetic, not functional, and just because the player can’t see that the gun is shooting doesn’t mean it’s not working.

The only downside to playing laser tag outdoors and in daylight is that you won’t get that red laser to help as a guide when aiming at your targets. But on the bright side (no pun intended), it’s a great way to practice your target skills and see how good you are at free-handing.

How does a laser tag gun work? 

Laser tag guns use infrared lights, this light can also be invisible but it doesn’t have to be. The sensor, which can either be in a vest or in the gun, picks up on the light beam and counts it as a hit.

A common misconception is that a laser tag gun shoots real lasers. This would be dangerous since lasers can really damage your eyes — so don’t worry, laser tag guns are completely safe!

Think about the light that shoots out of your remote control to communicate with your television; nothing visual comes to mind, right? That’s because infrared lights are completely invisible, and they can work completely fine in pure daylight.

Imagine only being able to watch TV at night — that would be awful!

Does Laser Tag involve running?

laser tag involves runningYou don’t necessarily need to run to play laser tag, but you do need to be mobile. While I’m sure a few laser taggers specialise in finding an awesome hiding spot and taking out their opponents one by one from there, the average laser tag player needs to move around the arena.

Will you have more fun if you’re able to run around playing laser tag? Probably! One of the best parts of the sport is being able to chase your opponents, delegate with team members in secret hiding spots, and try out new positions to get as many kills as possible without getting tagged.

The good news is that playing laser tag during the day limits the risk of tripping since you’re playing in full daylight. It’s also a safer option for anyone with visual impairments.

If running sounds like it would be an issue for you, talk to your fellow laser tag players and set up some playing rules to avoid a disadvantaged player. Maybe play Capture the President with you as the president, or everyone could have fun with different camouflage.

Get creative and have fun!

Recommended Products

1/ ArmoGear Laser Tag Guns with Vests

ArmoGear Laser Tag – Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set of 4 – Multi Player Lazer Tag Set for Kids...
  • AUTHENTIC LAZER TAG GAME Turn your home or backyard into a laser tag arena with the ArmoGear laser tag blaster set, the most advanced set of laser tag blasters out there! No other laser tag set has...
  • MULTI-PLAYER, MULTI-AMMO Up to 4 teams can play in this riveting battle! Switch between the unique powers of PISTOL, SHOTGUN, MACHINE GUN, and ROCKET to blast your enemy and declare victory! These...
  • FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Tactile vibrations and lifelike shooting sounds make for deeply immersive gameplay, turn kids and adults away from their screens! Have a blast and create cherished memories...

This set of four laser tag guns with vests is a high-quality well-reviewed option for playing at home. It has a 150 foot range and can be played during the day or at night!

The guns have vibrations and sound effects that make the game even more fun and realistic. You can play as individuals or pair up and take down your opposing team. If you’re looking to buy a reliable laser tag kit for your family, this one is it!

2/ ArmoGear Laser Tag Spider Target

ArmoGear Laser Tag Spider Target - Laser Gun Add-on, Compatible with All ArmoGear Blasters - Laser...
  • LASER BATTLE ADD ON – You’ve slayed laser tag with friends, but can you beat the bot? Include this lazer tag spider on your team during the game to raise the stakes! Or play against this laser tag...
  • 4 TEAM CAPABILITY – Our laser tag bug has 4 team modes with unlimited player capacity, so you can split up into teams of 2, 3 or 4 with your friends and see which team wins. Blasters sold...
  • 3 DIFFICULTY LEVELS – To win, shoot the laser tag spider 9 times before it shoots you. Then level up! A 15 ft shooting distance provides plenty of room to aim and run for cover. Requires 3x AAA...

This is such a fun add-on when playing laser tag! You can shoot this little robot spider from up to 15 feet away, and an unlimited number of players can join in on the fun.

The crazy part of this spider is that it can shoot back. It’s the perfect training buddy or a bonus component to a great game. Just keep in mind that this bug only works with a few specific ArmoGear products, so check ahead before buying!

3/ Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns

Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set of 4 | Lazer Tag Guns for Kids with 4 Team Players | Indoor and Outdoor...
  • 4-TEAM ACTION TOY Organize breath-taking battles with your friends and get hooked to the most amazing action game! Pick your team in bright GREEN, RED, BLUE or WHITE, and let the merciless wars...
  • PICK YOUR AMMO Select one of the 4 Gun Settings - PISTOL, SHOTGUN, SUBMACHINE GUN and ROCKET- and pulverize the enemy! Ultra-realistic shooting sounds accompany each setting for a riveting game!
  • TOP NOTCH QUALITY Immerse yourself in the action! These Laser Blasters light up and vibrate while shooting as far as 130ft! Each gun mode comes with a different range of life bars, available shots...

These are the perfect laser tag guns. They’re colorful, have sound effects, and come with four different gun settings to choose from: pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and rocket.

You can tag people with these guns from up to 130 feet away, and we love how you can customize the guns to fit your games perfectly. The infrared laser used is completely kid friendly and works indoors and outdoors!

4/ ArmoGear Portable Laser Tag Guns 

ArmoGear Portable Laser Tag Guns Set of 4 | Small & Lightweight Lazer Tag for Young Kids to...
  • SET OF 4 LASER TAG GUNS – The ArmoGear Mini Battle Blasters laser tag set comes in a pack of 4, and with 4 team colors players can choose to split up into teams of 2 or utilize all the colors and...
  • LED LIGHTS & VIBRATION – Kids will feel the power in their hands with vibration at every blast and see when shooting or hit with LED lights that add to the lazer tag experience.
  • EXCITING SOUND EFFECTS – Boys and girls ages 8 and up will love being guided through the laser tag game with a voice recording, and they’ll flip for the clinking sound effects after every shot.

This is the most affordable — yet still well-reviewed — option. These laser tag guns are super simple, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

They are perfect for young children who want to play with their siblings and friends in the garden or around the house, and because they’re so tiny, you can take them anywhere. There’s even a voice recording to guide kids through a game.

5/ Skywin Obstacles for Nerf

Skywin Inflatable Obstacles - Inflatable Obstacle Set Play War Obstacles and Laser Tag Obstacles -...
  • GREAT FOR NERF WAR PARTY - Party supplies for building the ultimate battle zone at your home or backyard. Play Laser Tag and Paint Ball. Compatible with all Nerf guns
  • DURABLE AND STRONG FOR BATTLE - Made of sturdy material provides effective cover for blasters battles. For fun and safe games with family and friends.
  • BRING THE BATTLE ZONE TO YOU - Transform your house or backyard into an inflatable battlefield. Inflatable pieces become instant defensive cover.

Every outdoor daytime laser tag game needs accessories, and this is where inflatables come in. This pack comes with four large inflatables to hide behind, jump over, and duck under that are shaped like things you might find scattered across a wasteland during an apocalypse; a lone tire, a wooden crate, a stretch of fence, and a barrel dripping with green goo!

It also comes in red, so you can choose which color fits your outdoor arena best — or get both!

6/ Combat Arena Inflatable Battle Obstacles Set 

Combat Arena Inflatable Battle Obstacles Set - Compatible with Laser Tag, Dart Guns, and Water Gun...
  • Add extra adventure and danger to your epic foam blasting, laser tag, dart gun, or water gun battles with inflatable barriers that will turn your house or backyard into a complex combat zone.
  • Dive behind the tire, barrel, or call box to protect yourself and get in position to make your 'ambush'. Easy to set up and sturdy enough to use outdoors, Squad Hero's Combat Arena takes your games to...
  • Innovative water pouches keep the inflatables upright even in the heat of battle. Super valves make it easy and fast to fill up or release the air. (It is recommended to use an air pump - not...

This inflatable set is made from durable materials and once again, goes with the apocalypse theme.

This set comes with a bright yellow barrel, a giant tire, and a red call box. All inflatables are designed to look like they’ve seen better days and have spent the last good part of a decade sitting in the elements. Kids and adults alike will love them!

Get Out and Have Fun!

So what are you waiting for? Forget trying to find the perfect indoor laser tag place and try playing outside.

It’s also a great way to experiment with a tactical laser tag which is so much fun to play in a forest or other outdoor natural environment.

What’s your favorite way to play? And if you have kids, which do they prefer, indoor or outdoor? We’d love to hear what our fellow laser taggers like most!


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