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Can You Use Gun Oil on Paintball Guns?

If you have been playing paintball frequently, then you probably own a paintball gun, and you know that it is a big investment.

One of the best ways to keep your paintball gun in optimal performance is by maintaining it. Since paintball guns have movable parts, there are times when you have to oil these parts so that they don’t get stuck.

Gun Oil

Many people wonder, would any type of oil work? Likewise, is gun oil a good alternative?

The answer is no, and not all oils will work the same way for different paintball guns. At the same time, gun oil should never be used to maintain a paintball marker.

If you want to know what oil to use, how much of it you should put, and how to clean your marker, keep on reading.

Should I Oil My Paintball Gun?

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Yes, you should oil your paintball gun. Paintball guns have mechanical parts, so you need to oil them once in a while to prevent them from getting stuck or from scratching the other parts.

With that said, you’re technically lubricating the parts of the paintball marker, rather than just simply putting oil on it.

Lubricating your paintball gun is part of the whole maintenance process to keep your gun in optimal condition. If you’re using grease, it also helps seal some parts of the paintball gun.

What Can I Use to Oil My Paintball Gun?

There are two types of oils that you can use on your paintball gun – lubricating oil or grease. If you ask which of them you should use, the answer will depend on what your paintball gun’s manufacturer recommends (usually found in the manual).

If you’re still unsure which type to use, keep in mind that grease is the better option for the parts that have to be sealed together. A good example is when you need your O-rings to be closed shut to prevent air from escaping through the bolt.

On the other hand, lubricating oil  is better used to prevent the metal parts from scratching each other. An example is when you don’t want the o-rings to scratch the others and cause damage to them.

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Again, using gun oil is out of the question as it can cause corrosion on the metal parts of your paintball gun.

How Often Should You Oil Your Paintball Gun?

You should oil your paintball gun after every few games. Consider this as part of your periodic deep cleaning to thoroughly remove the grime that got stuck in your marker and to make sure all parts are working well.

However, when you notice the o-rings or some movable part in your marker, don’t wait for another game to lubricate your paintball gun. Do this as soon as possible so that you don’t have to worry about the other parts getting damaged during a game.

As mentioned in the section above, you only need to use a small amount of grease  or lubricating oil when you oil the moving parts of your paintball gun.

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How Do You Clean Your Paintball Gun?

Before you even start lubricating your paintball gun, make sure that the gun is clean first. This ensures that no grime or paint gets stuck inside your gun when you apply oil.

Cleaning your paintball gun is straightforward. But if you haven’t done it before, follow these steps to clean it properly.

  1. Remove any attached compressed air or gas canisters to your gun. This prevents you from accidental misfires when you’re cleaning.
  2. Disassemble your paintball gun by removing the barrel, screws, and clamshells. Put them to one side so you won’t lose them.
  3. Clean the barrel using a clean cloth to remove any paint residue. If there is still other debris inside, you can use a squeegee to thoroughly clean the inside of the barrel.
  4. After that, clean the external parts of the paintball gun with a clean cloth. There’s no need to wet the cloth with water and soap.
  5. When cleaning the paintball gun, make sure that you go into the nooks and crannies of the marker to remove paint and grime.
  6. Once the external part is cleaned, you can now move on to the internal parts. Once again, use a clean cloth to wipe away the dirt in the hammer and the bolt. While you’re doing this, remove the o-rings from the bolt.
  7. Check if the o-rings are broken or if it needs to be lubricated. If not, put them back inside the bolt and put all the other parts back with the paintball gun.

If your o-rings need to be lubricated, follow the steps in the next section.

How Do You Lubricate a Paintball Gun?

When you’ve already cleaned your paintball gun and no part is damp, it’s time for you to lubricate it. Follow these steps to lubricate your paintball gun.

  1. First is the o-rings. If you notice that the o-rings seem to be tight when you remove them, that’s when you need to add lubricant oil or grease.
  2. Always check what your manufacturer will recommend, but as a rule of thumb,grease   works better for o-rings because it helps seal them together.
  3. To add grease, just get a small amount and rub it around the o-rings. Make sure that you’re only applying a thin layer.
  4. Do the third step for all the o-rings.
  5. When you’re done, put the o-rings back to the bolt and assemble your paintball gun again.
  6. As a final step, add lubricant oil  to the other moving parts of the paintball gun. These could be the accessories or attachments found at the external part of the marker.


When you have to lubricate your paintball gun , you can use a lubricating oil or grease. The best way to know which one to use is to check your manufacturer’s recommendations.

You don’t have to lubricate your marker after every game. You can do this after a few games or when you notice the o-rings scratching the other metal parts of your marker.


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