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How Long Are Laser Tag Games?

Time management is always important, even during a fun game of laser tag. Whether you’re planning a party or going to an arena, it’s always good to know how long a round of laser tag is going to take you and your team.

Naturally, a few minutes before and after the game will need to be allocated so you can lay out the rules and then announce the winner. So keep this in mind if you’re planning a festival or a paid laser tag event with a lot of people.

laser tag games

Generally, 15 minutes is what you should allocate for a round of playing laser tag. However, a game will be longer or shorter depending on your team size, where you’re playing, and what kind of game you’ve chosen. Keep reading to figure out how long your laser tag game is going to last!

Outdoor/Backyard Games

Arguably the quickest of the games, laser tag rounds played outside in a small garden or outdoor space last no more than 10 minutes and no less than 5 minutes.

These kinds of games typically include small inflatables or other objects for players to hide behind. You can duck from other opponents, but completely hiding would be difficult, making this type of game the shortest.

This quick and easy play is ideal for young children. Several rounds can be played in a short amount of time which means that everyone gets a fair chance to play and win as much as possible.

What’s also great about the simplicity of this setup is how adjustable it is. If your equipment counts lives left for each player, you can adjust according to time restraints.

Have plenty of time? Give each player their lives to use up. On a time crunch? Have every player set their vest to one life.

Adding more obstacles and interesting rules for players to follow will also make this simple laser tag set up last longer for up to 25 minutes.

Forest Games 

Playing in a forest setting is a great way to be creative with obstacles and tactics. A typical forest laser tag game can last from 15 minutes up to 30 minutes.

We recommend you make the perimeter of the game super clear to all of the players, especially if you want to finish the game within a reasonable amount of time. Putting flags, strings, or signs along the edges and at the corners of the playing area will gently remind players when they are getting close to leaving the designated space.

Feeling crazy? Give everyone 10 lives on their vests and don’t set any boundaries. You could even have everyone dress up in camouflage gear to blend in with nature.

A game like this will be unforgettable and probably last about an hour.

Tactical Games

Now, this is where things get interesting. Tactical laser tag is a super immersive way for older children and adults to work on their strategy, teamwork, and planning skills to defeat their opposing team.

These games can last several hours. Teams can ambush, patrol, and carry out other military-like moves and positions, all of which can take up a lot of time.

This type of game combines laser tag technology with the time and mental challenge of winning a complicated tactical game. Some laser tag establishments even offer super realistic military-themed laser tag games.

Military theme games can be mission-based or based on a point system. This type of game is one to prepare for before showing up to an establishment and is certainly not for everybody.

Some players enjoy short and sweet laser tag games that last no longer than 10 minutes. They get a fun rush, then move on with their day.

Tactical games, on the other hand, are for patient players interested in the mental side of laser tag, rather than just the sensation of shooting opponents. If spending over an hour playing one game doesn’t sound like your thing, but you still like the idea of a tactical laser tag game, we recommend spending time preparing your strategies with your team before beginning the game.

It will be easy to talk and communicate when you don’t have to worry about an enemy shooting one of your men (or women) down during planning time. Having short, realistic missions will also keep the playtime more manageable.

Fully immersing yourself in a game for an extended time is a great way to team build and have loads of fun. If you’ve only ever played 10-minute rounds, we think it’s worth trying a tactical laser tag round at least once to see if you like it! It might be your new favourite way to play!

Capture the Flag 

Capture the flag and laser tag are great together. Realistically, this game will usually last around 5 minutes. They might go up to ten, but that’s the maximum.

People catch those flags pretty quickly! Our advice is to have a timer set and point to a team each time they catch a flag. If you end a round every time someone catches the flag, the whole game will start and stop constantly and might interrupt the energy and flow of the players.

To play capture the flag laser game, put an object at the end of each team’s side. They also now provide digital capture the flag machine experiences in establishments, which would be an exciting addition to a laser tag party or event.

Capture the flag is a great example of how quick laser tag can be. It is a very fast-paced sport where players are encouraged to run around, act fast, and catch opponents by surprise.

This is also a great game for players who aren’t physically capable of running around for long periods of time. Giving teams a manageable mission lets them feel like they’re getting a lot out of a game without physically exhausting anyone.

Maze Games

Maze laser tag is pretty popular, especially ones where the establishment uses blacklight and loads of bright colors to take players into an alternate dimension while playing. You can expect these games to last around 10 to 15 minutes.

While it may sound fun to play a tactical style game in a maze, players might get overwhelmed or claustrophobic spending an extended period of time running around a dark and seemingly endless maze with techno music playing in the background.

Bigger teams will make rounds of this game last longer. Just make sure to turn your Friendly Fire on so you don’t accidentally shoot a team player. No one wants that!

Most establishments will usually time a maze game for around 10 minutes, so you should have plenty of time to get your heart pumping, shoot a few players, and enjoy the fast-paced energy that comes with laser tag!

Medic Laser Tag 

In a game of medic laser tag, one player on each time is the medic and is given the task of reviving their team members after they’ve been shot. The first team to eliminate all the other team’s players before they can be revived wins.

This game should take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes, depending on how good your medic is! It might even go for a short amount of time if one team manages to shoot the other’s medic, then it would just turn into a classic game of elimination.

To make this game more interesting, we recommend each time to keep who their medic is, a secret. It will be fun for players to try to guess who’s healing everybody while still keeping their guard up and not getting shot.

You could also integrate this game into any other laser tag game you’re playing. It’s a great add-on to make things more stimulating!

Ready, Set, Go! 

Now that you’ve had a look at a few great laser tag games and how long they last, you can start to plan your event or laser tag excursion. Maze or outdoor games are the shortest ones you can play, while tactical games, especially military simulation ones, can last for significantly longer.

You might even enjoy mixing up the kind of games you play with friends to keep things interesting. Play a long game, then follow that up with a really short one.

This way, your players will feel sharp and rejuvenated during each round. No one wants anyone getting bored of playing the same 5 minute round so much where all the games begin to look identical.

What’s your favourite laser tag game? Do you like longer ones or quick-fire rounds?

We would love to know!


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