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10 Laser Tag Gift Ideas

Laser tag is an exciting pastime, and the chances are that the recipient of your gift is already a laser tag aficionado. But don’t worry if they aren’t—we’ve got some gift ideas that will get them hooked in no time.

Choosing the right gift for someone can be stressful no matter how well you know them, but we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 great laser tag gift ideas that will make great presents for laser tag pros and beginners alike:

Laser tag as gifts

1. Laser Tag Gift Cards

Laser tag gif cards

Gift cards are a great gift option since they can be spent how the receiver pleases. They are also small and lightweight, and can be placed inside a laser tag-themed birthday card or another congratulatory card.

Laser tag gift cards are a great gift idea if you are looking for a small gift for someone that lives near a laser tag arena.

Laser tag gift cards can be purchased online or in-person at a laser tag center. To buy them online, you’ll have to visit the laser tag center’s website and click on the “Gift Cards” button.

One example is Incredible Pizza: on their website, you’ll see a “Gift Cards” button right at the top of the page. Clicking this button will take you to a separate website where you’ll be able to choose the amount of money you want to put on the gift card and have it delivered right to your door.

Purchasing laser tag gift cards in-person means you’ll have to visit a laser tag center and purchase a gift card from a cashier. Though it isn’t as easy as just ordering the card online, you’ll be able to put as much money as you want on the card instead of selecting prepaid options online. You’ll also be able to receive the card right away, and won’t need to wait for delivery.

2. Premade Laser Tag Shirts

Birthday Boy Family Matching Laser Tag T-Shirt

Ready made laser tag shirts are a great gift for younger children who already love the game. The bright colors, flashy graphics, and intense colors on these shirts will be perfect for little kids trying to show off their favorite pastimes.

One great place to buy laser tag-themed shirts is Zazzle. This website has loads of designs to choose from at an affordable price, and you’ll be sure to find a shirt you’ll love.

Another great website with tons of laser-tag themed shirts is Redbubble. Shirts are always available in all sizes, so you won’t have a problem finding a stylish shirt that will fit your recipient well.

3. Custom Laser Tag Shirts

For those who know their recipients well, custom laser tag shirts are an awesome gift option that will show you care. You’ll be able to choose the design on the shirt, the color of the shirt, and even add the receiver’s name on it to add a touch of personalization.

One awesome website for ordering custom shirts is RushOrderTees. You’ll be able to start by choosing the color and type of shirt you want to customize.

Next, you can start designing the shirt with the on-site customizer. The customizer is very easy to use, and you can add clip art, text, numbers, images, and various other designs. The customizer also has options to automatically distress the designs for a more rugged feel.

RushOrderTees offers some of the lowest prices for customizable shirts, and once you finish your design you’ll be able to pay for your shirt online and order it straight to your door.

4. Custom Laser Tag Team Jerseys

If you’re looking for a present for someone you play laser tag with often, matching custom laser tag jerseys for your team is a great choice.

Custom laser tag jerseys can be designed and ordered online on sites such as Wooter or Redbubble for an affordable price. They’ll have your team looking professional on the battlefield. You’ll be able to choose your own design, logo, and color scheme, so discussing these things with your recipient beforehand will help you come up with jerseys you’ll both love.

5. Blaster Boards Fort Building Kit

The Blaster Boards Fort Building Kit  is a perfect gift to provide an immersive at-home laser tag experience. This kit comes with 92 building pieces, enough to build bunkers and forts to provide cover during a laser tag battle.

These parts are light and have no sharp edges, meaning they are safe for younger children as well. This kit is also great for paintball, Nerf gun, and water gun battles, meaning the recipient of your gift will be in for loads of fun battles.

6. Laser Tag Inflatable Obstacles

Combat Arena Inflatable Battle Obstacles Set

These Ninostar 4-Pack Inflatable Obstacles  will help your laser tag-loving recipient take their at-home laser tag arena to the next level. The obstacles are made to mimic a radioactive waste barrel, a biohazard containment barrel, a U.S. Army crate, and a sandbag wall.

Not only do these obstacles have realistic designs, they were also made with functionality in mind. The base of each obstacle contains a water pouch to keep it balanced upright, so falling obstacles won’t be a problem in your recipient’s laser tag arena.

These obstacles can also be used for many other things, such as Nerf gun fights, water gun battles, paintball, arrow tag, and more!

7. SpyX Lazer Trap Alarm

SpyX Lazer Trap Alarms are a new way to use lasers to spice up your laser tag games—by making traps with them.

These devices can be placed in a corridor, between obstacles, or at the entrance of a laser tag bunker to act as tripwires that will sound an alarm when someone passes through them. This will bring more of a strategic element to your recipient’s at-home laser tag games, and players will feel the thrill of making their way through a passageway chock full of booby traps.

The set allows for two lasers to be set up, each around 4 feet long, and a seven second long alarm will sound when one of the lasers is tripped. That means the alarm will be long enough to alert players that someone is trying to ambush them, and short enough to not disturb anyone else.

8. Laser Tag Drone Practice Target and Gun

The Boxgear Laser Tag Gun and Drone Set  is a great way for laser tag players to work on their aim even when they don’t have anyone else to play with. The player will try to hit the drone, and each hit will cause the drone to fly higher and higher, until eventually it will return to the ground.

The drone is rechargeable, and its short charge time allows for maximum playtime. The gun has four different modes: pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket launcher. These same modes are found on many laser tag sets, so that it will provide good practice for your laser tag-loving recipient.

9. Laser Tag Gun and Vest Set with Robot Spider Target

Another useful aim trainer for laser tag aficionados, the Kidzlane laser tag vest and target set allows players to play together and practice their aim alone. This set can be purchased in two-player  or four-player sets , with each set coming with a gun and vest for each player and a single robot spider practice target.

The Kidzlane laser tag sets are a few sets that come with laser tag vests, providing a more immersive laser tag experience for players. Players can change the mode of their guns and select their team, allowing for free-for-all and team battles alike.

The robot spider skitters around on the floor, and will flip onto its back to signify a successful shot. It will then get back on its feet and start running around again, providing a fun target that will change unpredictably.

10. Recoil Laser Tag Set

The Recoil Laser Tag set is one of the best laser tag sets we’ve reviewed so far—and it’s definitely the most high-tech. Recoil Laser Tag sets come with guns and a Wi-Fi hub, and players will need to use their phones to play the game.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves laser tag and video games, then look no further—Recoil Laser Tag is full of amazing effects that will make your recipient feel as if they were transported into their favorite shooting game.

Players can use their phones to check the game map, track enemies, check how much health they have remaining, check in-game stats such as their eliminations, store and use items in their inventories, and call down supply drops. These supply drops will be present at a random location on the virtual map, and will contain power ups such as extra health and stronger bullets to give you an advantage over your opponents.

The Recoil Laser Tag set will surely be a gift your recipient will remember—which won’t be surprising because they’ll be playing with it so much. However, this product is recommended for older players since young kids might not fully comprehend the more complex battle simulations and gameplay.

For more in-depth information about this amazing product, check out our review on the Recoil Laser Tag set.


Choosing the right gift for someone can be a nerve wracking experience, but we’ve got you covered. We’ve got gifts for laser tag beginners and experts alike, and presents that will suit those that play at home or at a laser tag arena.

As they say, giving is better than receiving. So what are you waiting for? Now that we’ve wrapped up this gifting guide, it’s time for you to gift wrap the perfect present for your pal and make their day!


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