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How To Start A Laser Tag Business? 7 Steps For Beginners

Unlike other short-lived activities, laser tag is still popular even after so many years. More laser tag arenas and businesses pop up in all corners of the world.

Because of its enduring popularity, more people are interested in investing in a laser tag business. If you plan to launch this business, the following information will be beneficial to you.

how to start a laser tag business

The Basic Guide for Starting a Laser Tag Business

1. Gauge your budget

It’s a no brainer that to start a business, you will need capital. Moreover, whatever equipment you invest in, you might want to get liability insurance, just in case!

2. Be prepared to learn

The best way to earn more is to start the operation in a hands-on way. This means learning how to set up the equipment, familiarizing yourself with the software, and mastering the rules of each game.

3. Build a business plan

All successful entrepreneurs have a set of goals for a limited time. Every time you reach a milestone, you’re one step closer to growing your business.

Think of these when writing your business plan:

  • How long is the plan?
  • Write your goals and objectives
  • Create an outline for your budget
  • How will you market your business?

4. Marketing

In today’s society, the best way to reach potential buyers is through social media and the internet. It’s quite easy to start a Facebook page for your laser tag business and have your friends and family share it, too!

The larger your reach, the more popular and lucrative your laser tag business will be. So don’t forget about this important factor, or else you’ll have a hard time getting the word out.

5. Perseverance!

It isn’t a revelation that starting a business can be tough, especially if there’s serious competition in your area. The key is to keep going and to keep challenging yourself consistently.

6. Manage your accounting

Once the proceeds are trickling in, it might be tempting to spend it. Of course, it’s important to pay yourself, even if it is just you running the business.

Outline where the money will go and if there’s a stable rate of profit to start investing in better equipment. But when you’re starting, be frugal!

7. Build your team and your business

What I’ve learned from my businesswoman mother is that a business is alive. It requires time, attention, and expenses.

The more effort you put into it, the more it grows but as this happens its needs evolve, too. Sometimes these needs won’t be your specialty so don’t be afraid to hire people who can meet these needs.

For instance, these days, having a website for your business is vital. So hiring someone who can help you build a functioning and effective website will satisfy the need to reach more possible customers.

How to start a laser tag business for cheap?

As mentioned above, the most economical way to start a laser tag business is to start with a small mobile laser tag company. You only need to have the basic laser tag equipment.

You can even service and deliver the equipment for your clients for an additional charge if they don’t want to pick up the supplies and do it on their own. To put it simply, it’s a laser tag rental.

How to start a mobile laser tag business?

Here’s a checklist of what you’ll need:

  • Phone
  • Car
  • Laptop
  • Laser Tag Equipment
    • Blasters
    • Vests* – You will only need this if the blasters do not have receivers
    • Laser tag software
    • Inflatable obstacles

It’s important to gauge your budget according to the equipment needed. Thankfully, there are a variety of options listed below.

Where to buy laser tag equipment?

Here are a few websites and companies that can provide you with the needed laser tag equipment:

Each source will have different sets of equipment that work together. So if you’re planning to purchase from one company, it’s best to stick with that brand for good, or at least until you can afford an upgrade.

How much money does a laser tag business make?

Well, depending on how large your operations are, the frequency of clients, and pricing. For a starting business, the figures below might be helpful:

  • 12 players
  • A utilization rate of 50%
  • 600-minute games per week

To be precise with the figures, you can compute for your possible revenue here.

Where can I rent laser tag equipment?

You’ll be surprised as to how many mobile laser tag rentals are out there. Some operate on a national scale, while others can cater to a limited area such as a whole state.

Here are the top 5 most popular businesses that specialize in mobile laser tag rentals:

  1. Laser Tag Source
  2. Freedom Fun USA
  3. Gametruck
  4. Events Unlimited
  5. North County Jumpers


At the end of it all, starting a business relies on capital, patience, tenacity, and being willing to take the risk. As always, it’s best to start small and slowly (but surely!) grow your business into a large and lucrative company.


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