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[Review] Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag: Mega Pack – Set Of 4 Players

Kidzlane is a company dedicated to providing good and entertaining toys. Their target is mainly children, but adults can also get in the fun as well. Their slogan “Where Fun Never Ends” is a great way to describe the products they create.

Kidzlane’s infrared laser tag encompasses this slogan very well. It was built to provide you with endless fun with family and friends. That’s why this product comes with four guns ready for firing away.

[Review] Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag: Mega Pack – Set Of 4 Players

Laser tag is already a very thrilling game on its own, but with the lights and sounds of Kidzlane’s infrared laser tag, it’s going to be much more exciting.

Review of Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag


Comes with a bunch of fun and exciting settings and features to enhance your games. No need for vests or other equipment.

Value for Money

Package comes with 4 laser guns. Very good value for money.


Made of plastic and can’t withstand rough play.


Very good and fun to have. Perfect for people who want to play with absolutely no hassle.

What We Like

  • Guns come in four modes: pistol, shotgun, sub ​machine gun, and rocket.
  • You can choose between four teams: blue, red, green, and white
  • No need for vests or any other equipment
  • Guns light, sound, and shake when you shoot
  • Infrared laser can reach up to 130ft!

What We Don’t Like

  • Can’t attack from behind or side because target is in front of the gun
  • Not the most sturdy gun, can’t be used for rough play
  • No batteries included

The Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag is great for everyone looking to get some exciting laser tag action. With four team options and four gun modes, there’s a lot of variety in gameplay and strategies. The lights, sounds, and shake also add a realistic effect that will make you feel like you are on the battlefield.

Add to this an affordable price tag, you have a great product for getting into laser tag!


Who is the Product For?

At first glance, this looks like a children’s toy. It was made for kids, but it is definitely not only for them. Everybody can enjoy the Kidzlane infrared laser tag.

It is a very simple toy. There are no special instructions needed, and you can get shooting at your friends right away. This is why it is very easy for even young kids to start playing with.

For bigger kids and adults, the four different shooting modes will provide a variety of strategies to your games. You can choose anything from basic pistols to explosive rockets.

Overall, you’ll find that this product is for everyone. Sure, it looks like a toy. But put it in an adult’s hands, and they’ll be having fun for hours.

What’s Included?

The package comes with four laser guns. These guns come in red, orange, green, and blue.

Each gun requires four double-A batteries to get running. Unfortunately, there are no batteries included in the package. You will need sixteen double-A batteries to start enjoying all the laser guns in the package.[Buy batteries link]

Overview of Features

As we’ve already said, the Kidzlane infrared laser tag comes with a bunch of features. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly this exciting laser tag gun can do.

When you first turn on your laser gun, you will immediately be greeted by an exciting sound. One of the best features of this product is the sounds it makes. You’ll feel like you really are on a battlefield with these effects. Plus, the four different shooting modes all have different sounds.

Which brings us to the four shooting modes. Switching from one mode to another is as simple as clicking a button. The four modes are:

  • Pistol. The most basic option. A hit will take away one life. You can fire the pistol twelve times before you need to reload.

  • Shotgun. A shot from the shotgun will take away two lives. You’ll have to reload every six shots, and its firing rate is slower than the others.

  • Machine Gun. Machine guns also take away two lives per shot. Firing rate is very fast, but you’ll need to reload every six shots.

  • Rocket. The most deadly option. Rockets will eliminate three lives per hit. They only have one shot per reload and have a very slow firing rate.

On the side of the gun, there is a big circular light that shows which team you are on. When two guns are on the same team, they can’t hurt each other. So you can go for a free-for-all, 2vs2, or even 4vs4 if you get two sets.

Finally, the lights. On the side of the gun are three life bars. These show you how many lives you have left. Each bar takes three hits to go off, and if you lose all, you’re out of the game.

The gun also has lights on the tip that flash whenever you fire. This gives you the effect you’ll get if you were shooting a real gun.


The Kidzlaser comes with a bunch of buttons. Of course, there is an on/off switch on the side of the gun. Push this up to turn on, and down to turn off.

Above the trigger, there are two buttons, gun select, and team select. The left button changes the gun mode. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell which gun mode you are on until you start shooting. The right button changes the team you are on.

At the bottom of the gun is the reload button. Whenever you run out of ammunition, click this button to reload.

Right below the gun hole is the infrared target. This is the area you aim for when trying to kill your opponents.


If you’re looking to get a little rough with your laser gun, a good alternative will be Kidpal’s Infrared Laser Tag.

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Though more expensive, it is more durable. It also comes with vests, which makes targets easier to hit.


In the end, the Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag set is a great buy. It provides hours of fun for the whole family. It gives you all of this at a very affordable price as well!



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