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[Review] The Black Series Electronic Laser Tag (Two-Player Set)

Laser tag is a thrilling game. There’s almost nothing like hiding in a dark corner, waiting breathlessly for the enemy to appear. The adrenaline rush, blazing lights, and realistic sounds make the game stand out in many ways.

Now, kids and adults no longer need to go to the nearest arcade or recreation center to play laser tag. With the Black Series Electronic Laser Tag set, it’s possible to dive into adventure right at home.

[Review] The Black Series Electronic Laser Tag (Two-Player Set)

The Black Series Electronic Laser Tag set includes two guns and two vests. Each gun features lights and blaster sounds for exciting play. The vests feature vibrations for a realistic experience.

Review of Black Series Electronic Laser Tag


Bright lights and cool sound effects for exciting battles. Strap is a little difficult to attach for younger kids.

Value for Money

With two guns and two vests, this set provides huge value for an affordable price.


Durable and long-lasting. However, some sets come with slight defects.


An affordable toy that offers great value for money and encourages team play.

What We Like

  • Built-in lights and sound effects
  • Two guns and two vests per set
  • “Hits” up to 25 feet
  • Attractive packaging
  • Durable

What We Don’t Like

  • Strap difficult to attach for small kids
  • Inconsistent quality


Who is the Product For?

There’s no age limit when it comes to who can enjoy the Black Series Electronic Laser Tag set! It’s made for kids and adults alike who love adventure.

Because the guns are durable, they’re great for younger kids. Even when they’re played with roughly, they continue functioning at top-notch quality.

However, they’re not limited to young kids. They’re also great for both teens and adults because of their realistic built-in sounds, lights, and vibrations. Even if you’re past the age of playing with toys, this set will bring out your inner child in minutes!

The downside with this set is it isn’t suitable for kids below 6. This is because the vests are difficult to strap on. They don’t feature a buckle or velcro, and younger kids need assistance with getting them fully secured.

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What’s Included

The Black Series Electronic Laser Tag set comes in an attractive box. Its good packaging makes it a recommended gift for birthdays or the holidays.

Upon opening the box, you’ll find two blaster guns and two vests. The whole set requires 10 AA batteries (not included). Buy more batteries 

Overview of Features

This toy set is unique and fun because players can take their favorite arcade game into their own backyard. Because the set offers two guns and two vests, duels can begin the moment the packaging is ripped through.

The two guns feature high-quality, realistic blaster sounds. They also have bright lights, making them great for playing in the dark.

Each gun can fire up to 6 times. When players have finished their 6 rounds, they need to pull on a pump to “reload.”

It’s easy to tell when to reload. Normally, the gun lights up and makes blaster noises when shooting. However, when it’s out of “bullets”, it will sound different and fail to light up.

The two vests that come in the set offer vibrations that make getting hit realistic. When a laser beam is aimed at the vest, it vibrates and counts as 1 shot. Players who are hit 6 times are out of the game.

The downside of this set is how the vests are made. Instead of being able to quickly attach it with a velcro strap, users need to thread the strap through a buckle. This makes it difficult for younger kids to put the vest on themselves.

Another downside is the inconsistent quality of the sets. Although most toys come in good condition, a few are reported to lack major features like laser lights. Vests can also be defective, recording hits even when the guns don’t hit them directly.

The good news is the friendly customer service assists buyers who have concerns with their purchase. Check out more reviews


Upon unwrapping this toy set, you’ll find your two laser guns and vests. Batteries are not included, so you need to prepare them beforehand. You’ll need 10 AA batteries for the whole set to function.

Tip: if you’re giving this package as a gift, buy the batteries beforehand . Kids love being able to play with their new toys right away!

To play, attach the vest to your chest. Turn on the gun and “load” it up. Your opponent will do the same, so it’s best to find a safe place to hide as soon as you can!

Remember, if you’re hit 6 times, you lose.

If you have more than one Black Series Electronic Laser tag set, you can form bigger groups and enjoy even more thrill and adventure!

When you’ve finished playing, switch the guns off. Storing them without the batteries inside is a good idea for the long term.


For those who want to form larger teams when playing laser tag, the Kidpal Infrared Laser Tag Gaming Set is a great alternative choice.

Infrared Laser Tag, Upgraded Blasters Gun Toys with Vest Infrared Battle Mega Pack Set of 4 Indoor...
  • REAL-LIFE LASER TAG GAME - It may be the best chance for you to keep your child away from the computer, because our laser gun toy is a scene design that simulates real battles. It can be played...
  • 4 TEAMS ACTION - Get in your character, back up and let's begin! You can choose your teammates or fight alone, up to 4 teams can play in this battle. You can switch between the 4 tpye of weapon...
  • HAVE FUN AT HOME - You don't have to spend more money in the game experience center, because you can have a cherished memories at home through the laser tag blasters team game on holiday, rainy day...

This toy set features 4 guns and 4 vests. It also comes with cool lights, battle sounds, and vibrations.

One cool feature this set offers is the chance to “choose your team.” With a team button, you can select between blue, white, red, and green for team color.

This set is also great because it features different gun “types.” With a click of a button, you can change your type into pistol, shotgun, machine gun, or rocket gun. Come up with a strategy and choose the type of gun that best matches it!

The downside of this toy set is it requires 25 AA batteries .


Want to take the arcade into your own home this season? With the Black Series Electronic Laser set, you and your kids will have an explosive experience in your own backyard.

The Black Series Electronic Laser set offers huge value for money, satisfactory durability, and many hours of fun and adventure.



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