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4 Amazing Laser Tag Centers in Orlando, FL

1. Battleground Orlando

Location: 7190 Rose Ave, Orlando, FL 32810

Contact Number: (407) 294-0694

laser tag centers in orlando


If you’re looking for a tactical laser tag place, Battleground Orlando is for you. Unlike the dark rooms of traditional laser tags, this laser tag battle takes place on the battlefield. With their 8 outdoor and indoor fields, you’re going to feel like you are in a real war.

When it comes to laser blasters, you can’t get more advanced. Battleground’s laser guns are not only high-quality, but they also have a lot of features.

They are so high-tech, you don’t need vests anymore. The amount of modes and in-game stats you can see in these guns is astounding. A simple glance at the screen on your gun will give you all the stats you get in video games.

Gameplay-wise, there is a lot of variety. Not only do the different arenas provide different scenarios, but you can also engage in different missions as well. You can team-up with your friends, or go against them!

You’re never going to get bored because there’s always something new to try. And if you’ve had enough laser tag, you can also go for paintball here.

If you’re having a birthday or bachelor party, this is the perfect place. Why? Because the celebrant gets to play for free!

The only downside of this place is that you will get a bit dirty. That’s the cost of having such a realistic battlefield. Also, you need to reserve in advance, there are no walk-ins for laser tag.

2. Andretti Indoor Karting & Games

Location: 9299 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Contact Number: (407) 610-5020


If Battleground puts you into a modern battlefield, Andretti will put you into a futuristic one. Andretti puts you into a dark, two-story, arena to battle it out with your friends. The arena is custom-built with so many interactive obstacles.

The equipment you get is also high-tech. To further the futuristic theme, the guns and vests have lights and sounds that make them feel like they’re from the year 3020. These blasters and accessories are also color-coded, so you have an easy time knowing whose on your side.

Like every good laser tag, Andretti also offers you a bunch of game modes. You can enjoy team games, free for alls, or even zombie mode!

What’s more, the arena is full of surprises. Each team has its home base, but there are also gates for special power-ups dotted around the arena. Also, the black lights will make you feel like you are in outer space.

When you’re done and step outside the arena, you’ll be greeted by tons of other games. Try Andretti’s famous indoor karting or any number of virtual reality games.

3. Warrior Sports Park

Location: 4603 W Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32808

Contact Number: (407) 792-2002


When it comes to outdoor laser tag, few are as good as Warrior Sports Park. Here, paintball is the main attraction, but their laser tag is just as good.

What makes this place special is their fields. Warrior Sports Park has several huge fields where all the action takes place. This field is complete with obstacles (complete with towers where you can camp) to make your games a lot of fun.

Despite their size and the fact that it is all outdoors, Warrior Sports Park is very clean. Yes, you will get sweaty, but you don’t have to worry about getting dirty.

In the heat of the action, you’re going to feel like you’re in a first-person shooter video game. You have to reload, and you’ll also have to go to designated respawn areas when you run out of health. You can’t just start shooting again once you’ve died.

Of course, their laser tag comes with a bunch of different missions and game modes. These will keep you on your toes for the full 2 hours of game time.

4. Tom’s Laser Tag

Location: Orlando, FL

Contact Number: (407) 674-9850


If you want to enjoy laser tag, but don’t want to deal with the often crowded laser tag centers, you should go for Tom’s Laser Tag. Tom’s Laser Tag is one of the best laser tag rental companies in all of Florida. With a branch right in the heart of Orlando, you can get laser tag action at all of your events.

Tom’s Laser Tag is primarily aimed at kids. If your child is having a birthday coming up, one of the best ways to celebrate is to go for laser tag. This will keep the kids hooked for hours and hours.

The package comes with 20-40 laser tag guns. Aside from this, you will also get a friendly host to make things more lively and exciting. The host will also help the kids with the guns and the games, so everyone will have a blast.

But it’s not just for the kids. There are a lot of game modes that everyone can enjoy. One of them is kids vs adults.

That’s why if you’re looking to spice up your child’s birthday party, getting Tom’s Laser Tag is a good idea.


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