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[Review] Laser X Two Player Gaming Set with the Tower Instruction Manual

Laser X is a brand of laser tag blasters and toys owned by NSI International Inc. Laser X markets itself as the best home laser tag game in the world, and this is reflected in its popularity.

Laser X 88016’s blasters make use of stunning lighting effects and advanced electronics to create a real-life laser arena, making participants feel like they are in a video game.

[Review] Laser X Two Player Gaming Set with the Tower Instruction Manual

Like their rivals, the firm aims to get children active and running around and provides gameplay that young children and adults alike could enjoy. Besides the various blaster models, Laser X also offers a “Laser X Gaming Tower” which allows solo play and eight additional game modes.

A family playing laser tag

Who is This Product For?

The LaserX Two Player Laser Gaming Set (88016) is suited for families with children. Children as young as six could enjoy playing the game, although they might require some guidance initially. One area in which Laser X’s product differs from competing products is that it uses a vest. This could be an advantage or a drawback depending on your preference.

While some people find wearing a vest to be cumbersome, others may prefer laser tag systems with vests as they tend to be more sensitive to hits and could be accurate up to a longer range. Thankfully, Laser X’s vest does not actually cover the entire torso but only takes up a small area, allowing freedom of movement.

We find that the Laser X 88016 really shines in big open spaces, such as in parks and large backyards. This is great if you live in a property with plenty of lands, or if you have access to a school or community compound where you can play multiplayer laser tag.

Those who have played frequently at laser tag arenas should have no issues switching to the Laser X 88016 system. In fact, a selling point emphasized by the company’s President is that a set of blasters and receiver vests are priced similar to the cost of playing at a laser tag arena for an entire day. In other words, you are likely to recoup the cost of this investment quickly.

Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set


What’s Included in the Set

Each set comes with two laser blasters and two receiver vests. The blasters require three AAA batteries each, or six for a set of two blasters. Batteries are not included in the set.


The LaserX Two Player Laser Gaming Set (88016) offers two multiplayer gaming modes – a red team versus a blue team, or free for all mode. You get to choose this team setting on your vest, which also shows you your remaining lives on an indicator.

The laser tag blasters do not use actually visible lasers, but rather infrared beams that are safe for consumer use. The blasters are powered by 3x AAA batteries each, and you may use either rechargeable  or non-rechargeable  batteries without mixing them.

A unique point about this laser tag gaming set is that it comes with an interactive voice coach. All you need to do is plug in your headphones, and you will be able to hear tips and be guided throughout the game.

A feedback mechanism explains your mistakes so that you could improve on your tactics. The game’s lighting effects are stunning – notice how the blasters and vests light up in various colors whenever they’re hit, or immediately after you’ve scored a hit!

The LaserX Two Player Laser Gaming Set (88016) boasts a range of 200 feet (61 meters), meaning you could easily play it outdoors and still experience high accuracy. It is interchangeable with other Laser X sets, so if you have purchased other Laser X blaster models, rest assured that you could play all of them together in the same game.

Each turn, you will get 8 lives and 10 shots, before you need to reload. We were also impressed by the rapid-fire mode, where you could fire 25 shots in a short burst.

One aspect we feel Laser X could improve is in its volume control. The speakers seem permanently fixed at a loud volume and cannot be turned off or adjusted. Furthermore, we encountered some instances of the guns and vests not being synced.

However, this may be a minor issue considering the product is very affordably-priced. We also like that some Laser X sets offer an add-on to enhance gameplay – the . This gives you an additional 8 game modes and also lets you play solo, providing an easy way to train your skills.

Setting Up and Installation Process

The Laser X blaster and vest system is easy to set up. First, use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the battery compartment’s lid. Next, insert three AAA batteries into each blaster. Cover the battery compartment with the lid, and secure it again with the screw.

The receiver vest does not require batteries to work. To wear the vest, put it on like wearing a shirt. Your Laser X set has now been installed and is ready for the first game.

One more step you could take to enhance gameplay is to create obstacles. You may use anything from cardboard boxes to plastic chairs and old furniture when you’re outdoors. It is time to get creative!


An alternative to the Laser X’s 88016 is the Nerf Lazer Phoenix LTX. Like the Laser X, the Nerf blaster also features realistic sound effects and registers hits with loud sounds, vibrations, and lights.

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  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR BATTLES – The arena can be anywhere with these Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX blasters so players can battle inside the home or spread out outside for epic match ups
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However, Nerf’s version has a choice of 10 or 25 lives, so you could indirectly decide how long you want the game to last. The Nerf Lazer Phoenix LTX has done away with the need for reloads and even provides a strong recoil whenever you pull the trigger. A shield button gives you a few seconds of invisibility each round.

One downside is that the Nerf blaster consumes a lot of power and requires 6 AA batteries. We suggest using rechargeable batteries and always having spares on hand so that you could continue playing even when a blaster runs out of battery.

There are some concerns about the blaster’s accuracy, and its brown packaging does not look visually-appealing as a present. Regardless, those who want a non-vest laser tag blaster should consider the Nerf Lazer Phoenix LTX, as it’s suited to both indoor and outdoor plays, and provides versatile game options.


As a laser tag system that includes vests, we are pleased to see that Laser X designs the product with a freedom of movement and fun gameplay in mind. Boasting an impressive range of 200 feet (61m), the LaserX Two Player Laser Gaming Set is really suited to the outdoor play, while it is still a good option for playing indoors.

We really like the voice coach, which provides tips and guides throughout the game. The blasters’ and vests’ lighting effects are also stunning and colorful, and will easily make you think you are in a laser arena. We only wish that the company had included volume controls or the ability to turn the speakers off, as it could get quite loud at times.

However, this laser tag gaming set can be used interchangeably with other Laser X blasters. You could also enhance gameplay by purchasing the Gaming Tower add-on, which unlocks 8 additional game modes. Overall, the LaserX Two Player Laser Gaming Set (88016) is an outstanding option for family fun. Everyone who tries it would be certain to have an enjoyable experience.

Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set


How to fix Laser X not working?

While many users have a great experience with their Laser X guns, there might be occasions when you run into problems operating them.

If your Laser X blaster does not power on when you flick the switch, your first action should be to check if the batteries are placed properly. If they are not inserted in the correct order or direction, they will not work.

Another possibility is that one of the three AAA batteries is dead. Change all the batteries to see if it works. If your blaster still does not power on, the power switch could have malfunctioned. When you turn on the power switch, notice if your blaster makes a sound and lights come on. If the blaster does not respond, chances are the switch needs to be replaced.

If your Laser X 88016 blaster does not fire, its trigger could be stuck. Check if there are objects jammed inside the trigger, which would prevent it from being pressed fully.

Another issue is where the trigger is damaged. Ideally, the trigger will move half an inch when being pressed. It also has a spring which gives a little resistance. If either the spring or the trigger is broken, your blaster will not fire. Try pressing the trigger a few times consecutively, and if it does not move, you will need to replace it.

If your Laser X blaster is unable to reload, try resetting it by pointing the gun at the floor. Take the front end of the blaster and tap it lightly against a hard surface. Do this once while pressing down the trigger, and once without. Repeat this process 3 times. Now, you may test by pressing and holding the trigger for 3 seconds, followed by shaking the blaster for another 3 seconds.

If your blaster is not detecting laser shots from opponents, the infrared sensor may be faulty or disconnected. Faulty infrared sensors should be replaced, while those that are disconnected may have faulty wiring.

Sometimes, you may not get sounds or you may get distorted noises from the headphone jack. The first issue to check is whether your headphones are functioning normally. Plug your headphones into another device such as a computer. Test them out with an audio track, and if there is no sound or if the sound is weird, you should buy a new set of headphones.

Another possibility is your headphone jack is loose. Open up your Laser X blaster and fix it back into place. If there is still no audio after adjusting the headphone jack’s position, it will need to be replaced.

If your blaster does not produce any sound, it could be that the batteries have been drained out. Try inserting new batteries to see if they work. If there is still no sound, check if your speakers are disconnected. The wire that links the speakers to the circuit board may be broken. In this case, you might need to solder the wiring back together.

In case you are unable to fix the problem on your own, you should contact Laser X’s customer support at [email protected] or 1-888-425-9113. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on their products, less processing charges. You may receive a Return Merchandise Authorization Number. You could then exchange for a new blaster at the store where you purchased it from.

Laser X Instructions Manual

The Laser X Gaming Tower is an add-on that will greatly enhance gameplay. The prerequisite is to have at least one Laser X blaster-and-vest set. Besides 8 additional game modes, you can also play solo as the tower will shoot lasers back at you.

The Laser X tower comes in simple packaging. Once you remove it from the box, you will see the tower and an instruction manual.

The tower stands at about one foot or 30cm high. Unfold the tower legs to let it stand. Adjust the legs till the tower reaches around the chest level of players. Choose a location where the tower won’t be toppled over, and try to avoid placing it in direct sunlight as it may affect accuracy. You may also place the tower on a tabletop, and keep the legs flat.

The tower runs on 3 x AA batteries. Insert the batteries into the compartment at the bottom of the tower. Take note that you would have to purchase your own batteries.

At the top of the tower, you will notice a clear red dome with infrared sensors inside. This dome is also a power button; press on it to turn the tower on or off.

Slightly below the red dome, there is a speaker and also two laser pointers that can return fire to you. The big “Laser X” logo on the front of the tower lights up in alternating blue, purple and red colors during a game. On the reverse face of the logo, there are two digital displays where you can select the game mode and see the score.

After you have turned on the tower, you have a minute to choose a game mode. Use a Laser X gun in a blue or red team setting to shoot at the tower. You will see the digital display increasing from 1-10 with each shot, indicating the game mode. After reaching your intended mode, press the red dome to start the game.

Breakdown of Game Modes

Modes 1-8 are considered regular game modes for solo or multiplayer laser tag. These games are about shooting specific colors and they get more difficult each round.

Modes 9 and 10 are the bonus modes for multiplayer games. In mode 9, when you shoot at the tower, it repeats your team’s laser beam up to 100 feet (30 meters). Try using it to shoot around corners, or hit many opponents at the same time! In mode 10, teams compete for points by shooting at the tower when it shows purple lights. The first team to reach 10 points wins, but look out because your opponents could still shoot at you while you are focused on blasting the tower!

Bottom Line

If you already have the Laser X blaster but not the gaming tower, consider getting one to add to the challenge. We strongly believe that everyone will enjoy playing the bonus game modes!


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