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[Review] Best Choice Products Laser Tag With Installation Instructions (No Vest Needed)

Review of Best Choice Products Laser Tag Blasters (set of 2)


Terrific for long-range shooting with a maximum distance of 130ft.

Value for your money

These blasters are affordable yet are of great quality, buying the set of 4 is a better deal.

[Review] Best Choice Products Laser Tag With Installation Instructions (No Vest Needed)


The lightweight blasters have multiple features and practical and fun design.


Easy to use blasters with 4 modes have sound, light, and vibration effects; however, no batteries are included.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Good range
  • Easy assembly
  • Sound, light, and vibration effects
  • Compatible with other Best Choice Products laser blasters
  • Save some money when you buy the set of 4

What We Don’t Like

  • No batteries included

The Best Choice Products Laser Tag Blasters are a great affordable choice for anyone aged 8 and up, who wants to play laser tag in their home or outdoors. No vests needed, but you can definitely use the Best Choice Products Laser Tag Vests, too.

Features include 4 shooting modes and long-distance shooting. The light, sound, and vibration effects complete the overall experience.


Best Choice Laser Tag Blasters

Set of 2

This affordable set of 2 infrared laser tag blasters come with a variety of features that will guarantee enjoyment for every laser tag session you have. The easy assembly is terrific for those who are eager to play as soon as they unbox these toys.

With your very own laser blasters, you can play laser tag anywhere you want. And with a set of 2, you’ll be able to play a variety of laser tag games with a sibling or your best friend.

Set of 4

This set of 4 by Best Choice Products are a bit more affordable in comparison. Instead of buying 2 sets of the Best Choice Products Laser Tag Blasters (set of 2), this set of 4 will help you save a few bucks.

Considering that the features are the same and you can play with more people, purchasing this set of 4 is a better deal in comparison. The more players, the better!

Who is this product for?

There is no doubt that this set is not just for kids aged 8 and up, but also for adults. Whether you’re new to laser tag or a long-time player, this product is easy to use.

Remember, as long as you want to have fun and try something new, you can use this laser tag blaster set without the worry of feeling intimidated. The instructions included in the box set are  so easy to follow, they’re foolproof.

With more blasters in this set, it’s made for those who enjoy playing with many people and for those who love making new friends. It’s definitely going to be a hit during family reunions where the whole family can join in the fun.

What’s included

Inside the box, you’ll get 2 laser blasters or 4 laser blasters, depending on the set you would like to purchase. These are made from a safe and sturdy plastic material.

 Each laser blaster is measured at 12″(L) x 2″(W) x 7″(H), and weighs 2.09 lbs. each. The instructions are also included, as mentioned above. Please note that the batteries are not included.

Overview of features

The blasters in this set have 4 blaster modes. You can switch from Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine, and Missile Launcher.

For each setting, there are varying ammunition levels and, of course, you can reload.


Preloaded shots

Points lost per shot

Pistol12 shots1 point per shot
Shotgun6 shots2 point per shot
Submachine6 shots2 point per shot
Missile Launcher1 shot3 point per shot

The safe infrared beam and the receiver work perfectly even at the maximum range of 130ft. It’s perfect for long-distance shooting.

Each player gets nine lives and this is shown in the life indicator. Remember that 3 lights on is equal to 9 lives. Which means that 1 light on is equal to 3 lives.

The light, sound, and vibration effects will maximize the immersive experience and also help the players track their opponents. Of course, this product is also compatible with other Best Choice Products laser blasters.

If you have Best Choice Products laser tag vests, you can definitely use that to jazz up the game. But you can also play with guns only.

You can also play capture the flag and action hero, among other games. Just remember to put in 4 AA batteries for each blaster. In comparison to other blasters, this actually requires fewer batteries.

How to use

Again, in order to use this product, you’ll need 4 AA batteries for each laser blaster. After that, turn on the blaster using the on/off switch.

Use team selection to pick a color that will indicate your team. Don’t forget that the reload button is at the bottom of the handle. Now you’re ready to go!


Best Choice Products have a variety of blasters but if this isn’t the product you’re looking for, there are other laser tag blasters in the market. If you’re curious, you can read more about our selection of the best laser tag guns for your home.

What you should know is that Best Choice Products is actually on the list. Aside from this, the others included are:

  1. Nerf Official Phoenix Multiplayer Exclusive (set of 2)

  2. Dynasty Toys Laser Carrying Multiplayer (set of 4)

  3. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Blasters and Vests (4 laser blasters and 4 vests)

  4. Recoil Laser Combat 4-Player Exclusive (set of 4)

Of course, each of these products vary in price, quality, and features. The items included in each set also differ. But they are all laser blasters made for laser tag games.


Overall, the Best Choice Products are great products all things considered. They’re affordable and they have all the necessary features required for the best laser tag experience you can have anywhere at all.

The best thing here is that buying the larger set gives you a discount. I might even suggest using the money saved from the discount to purchase the batteries which are not included.

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Best Choice Laser Tag Gun Instructions

Battery Installation

You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver to remove the battery cover on the laser blaster. Place the 4 AA batteries; make sure that the polarity is right. Place the battery cover back on and don’t forget to screw it back on.

Remember to not mix old and new batteries. Also, don’t use a combination of alkaline, standard, and rechargeable batteries. Once you’ve drained the batteries, do not forget to remove them.

IssueReasonWhat to do
Blasters are not workingDrained batteriesReplace the batteries
Infrared is out of range or you are shooting at the wrong angleAdjust the distance and the angle you are shooting from
The infrared signal is blockedMake sure there are no obstructions in the way
Blasters are working on their ownDrained batteriesReplace the batteries
Overexposure to direct sunlightShield from direct sunlight or play in a shaded area
Interfering infrared signals from other devices such as remote controlsDisable other devices or play in an area away from the said devices

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