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8 Best Nerf Guns For Toddlers (4, 5 Years Old)

For developing hand and eye coordination, Nerf guns are terrific.

But for toddlers, the toys must ensure two things: no pain and no accidents.

The Best Nerf Gun For Toddlers: 8 Safe Blaster Sets For 4, 5 Years Old

Today, we’re going to review the 8 best Nerf guns that are safe and fun for your beloved kids.

So let’s begin!


Liberty Imports Mini Foam Dart BlastersLiberty Imports Mini Foam Dart Blasters
  • Perfect and safe feature for toddlers
  • Sturdy and affordable
  • No batteries needed
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Fstop Labs Foam Gun Toy (Set Of 2 + Accessories)Fstop Labs Foam Gun Toy (Set Of 2 + Accessories)
  • Aside from the 2 blasters, you get 60 soft darts, 2 dart wristbands & 2 paper targets.
  • No batteries, so there’s no limit to playtime.
  • Sturdy but still lightweight
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USA Toyz AstroShot Gyro Rotating TargetUSA Toyz AstroShot Gyro Rotating Target
  • Affordable price point
  • Nerf compatible, which means that you can use Nerf darts and accessories
  • Good customer service
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Product Reviews

1. Liberty Imports Mini Foam Dart Blasters – The kids best Nerf guns

This set by Liberty Imports is a collection of toy foam blasters that are marketed towards younger children. I immediately included this product because of its size and many features that are designed for toddlers.

6 Pack Mini Foam Dart-Firing Blasters Micro Toy Guns with 36 Darts - Multi Pack Nerf Compatible Bulk...
  • 6 PACK OF FUN: Get ready for epic battles with this pack of six mini foam dart-firing blasters! Perfect for kids who love adventure and action-packed fun.
  • MICRO SIZE, MEGA POWER: These micro-sized blasters are specially designed for little hands, but don't let their size fool you - they pack a powerful punch!
  • EASY TO USE: Simply load 1 foam dart, pull the handle back, and press the trigger to fire! No batteries required, so kids can enjoy endless hours of play.


The lightweight blasters come in a variety of colors, such as blue, green, and orange, which will attract toddlers. There are 6 blasters in the set so more children aged 3 and up or even adults can join in with the fun.

Sizing-wise, these Nerf guns are quite small, 5×3 inches to be exact, so it’s easy for younger children to grip it. It’s also great that the design has no sharp edges to make sure that it doesn’t cause any mishaps.

There are 36 foam darts. Each one is bullet-headed and has a soft foam body. It’s also good to know that even if the darts have plastic bullet heads, the guns don’t fire them so powerfully and it wouldn’t cause pain.

Definitely a perfect and safe feature for toddlers as they might have less control over where they target the guns. But regardless of how safe and soft these are, never shoot them at anyone’s face.

Simply pull the ring back to load the darts into the muzzle, aim, and pull the trigger. Watch the foam bullet shoot at a maximum distance of 20 ft. But one thing I find to be a downside is that other foam bullets are not compatible, you will have to buy the same compatible darts.

Another thing that I’m impressed by these Nerf guns is their durability. Some customers even state how surprised they were with how sturdy the guns are for such an affordable price.

For the reassurance of parents, these toys have been tested and certified according to the ASTM & CPSC standards. No batteries needed.

2. Fstop Labs Foam Gun Toy (set of 2 + accessories)

This set comes with blasters, foam darts, and other fun accessories. Children as young as 4 years old can enjoy these blasters for hours!


Although there are only 2 blasters in this set, what makes this set so fun is the other accessories included. If you’re a parent, expect the kids to enjoy different games with these; in fact, you can even join in!

Aside from the 2 blasters, you also get 60 soft darts, 2 dart wristbands, and 2 paper targets. These require no batteries so there’s no limit to playtime.

The blasters are made from heavy duty environmental protection ABS plastic so you can be sure that these are durable. As we know, kids tend to be reckless with such toys, but these Nerf guns are bound to last for a long time.

Although the guns are sturdy, they are still lightweight. Each one is 9.5×6.5 inches. Younger kids can carry them with no difficulties at all.

As for the safety of children, I appreciate how there are no small parts so there are no choking risks. Moreover, the darts are soft and harmless. You can also use Nerf darts as they are compatible.

It’s easy to use and the shop actually assures that these are easy to reload. There are also no jamming issues.

As for the shooting range, it can reach a maximum of 40 feet. Again, kids are advised to play with caution and avoid shooting at faces and eyes.

The 2 blasters come in 2 designs where the other is a Spiderman. While these might be great for fans, other kids might not care for it.

Overall, this set actually has only 4 star and 5 star ratings which is impressive considering the number of customers who actually bought this. So, definitely, I would think that customers are going to be happy with these goods.

3. USA Toyz AstroShot Gyro Rotating Target – The best Nerf guns

This target game set gives the players a more challenging and enjoyable way to play with Nerf guns. It’s a sure-fire way to practice and have loads of fun.

USA Toyz AstroShot Gyro Rotating Shooting Game - Nerf Compatible Rotating Spinning Targets for...
  • ULTIMATE SHOOTING TARGETS GAME KIT: The Astroshot Gyro multi player target shooting game set includes 2 foam dart guns, 2 rotating obstacles, 14 plastic gun targets, 24 soft foam darts, and 2 dart...
  • NERF-COMPATIBLE SHOOTING GAME: Grab the toy guns, load it with 1 soft foam dart at a time, cock, aim, get past the spinning target obstacles, and knockdown all gun targets from up to a 20ft shooting...
  • EASY ASSEMBLE DURABLE SHOOTING TARGETS: Insert the rotating target holders into the module to get started, load the targets, and play; switch on the galactic soundtrack or not and play with family and...


This set includes 2 foam dart Nerf guns, 24 foam darts, 2 rotating obstacles, 14 gun targets, 2 dart holders, and 1 target module. With such an affordable price point, it’s amazing how you get so many pieces.

Unlike other foam blaster sets, this product gives players a new way to hit targets. The level of difficulties can vary so it’s more satisfying when you hit the targets.

What’s more, these are also Nerf compatible, which means that you can use Nerf darts and accessories, too. It’s definitely a step up and great if you already have other darts lying around in your house.

The dimensions for the target gallery are 12.5” W x 11” H and it’s easy to assemble. You simply need to insert the rotating target holders into the target module.

Don’t forget to put in 4 AA batteries, which are not included in the set. Flick the switch on and you’re ready to load up your rifle and start with target practice.

When you hit the target, there’s no need to worry about the whole module toppling over because the 4 leg supports will help stabilize the target gallery. It also has sound effects and a mute option, which is a nice touch.

Considering the assembly and many parts, this product is catered more towards children aged 6 and up. Ages aged 5 and below require adult supervision. Of course, adults can play, too!

The objective of the game is to shoot at the right time and to successfully hit the target before the other player does. If you fire at the wrong time, you’ll miss the opening of the rotating target.

Like a cherry on top, they also have very good customer service based in Seattle, ready to communicate as soon as possible. They even offer refunds if you aren’t happy with the products.

4. POKONBOY Blaster Guns (set of 2 + accessories)

If you’re looking for a good and affordable foam blaster starter set, this is going to be a great option. It makes a great gift for both young boys and girls.

POKONBOY 2 Pack Blaster Gun with 40 Pack Refill Foam Bullet Darts and 2 Target..
  • Material: Made of Environmental protection ABS plastic.
  • Advantage: Easier to refill the darts, no jamming issue, easy to carry with light weight, range is up to around 42 feet.
  • Safety for Kids: Made of Eco-friendly material,soft suction dart tip lessen the panic even shooting at a wrong position.


This comes with 2 blasters, 2 paper targets, and 40 foam darts. What I found out is that the design of the guns is the same as one of the blasters from Fstop Labs Foam Gun Toy Set.

In comparison to the Fsto Labs, I actually quite prefer this one due to the more neutral design. But the drawback here is that, although the cost is less, there are no wristbands and there are fewer foam darts.

After closer inspection, the quality and design of the blaster and targets are the same. The blasters are made from a heavy-duty and lightweight ABS plastic material. There are also no small parts that can cause choking.

Fortunately, the foam darts are soft and harmless. These Nerf guns are easy to reload and have no jamming issues.

Just like the Fsto Labs products, the shooting range is also a maximum of 40 ft. And it’s good to know that these are compatible with Nerf darts.

Overall, the only difference this POKONBOY set has with Fsto Labs set is that it comes with fewer darts, there is no Spiderman gun design, and there are no wristbands. But at a more affordable price, I think the tradeoff is fine and the products are just as good.

5. Nerf N-strike Elite Sonic Fire and Ice Jolt Blasters (set of 4)

These blasters are small but terrific. It’s not surprising that these are a hit among children and adults.


To start with, there are 4 blasters in this set, and each one comes with 4 foam darts. In total, there are 16 foam darts.

With such small blasters, it seems to be a favorite among younger kids. However, these are recommended for ages 6 and up.

Some customers have talked about how their kids, as young as 2 years old, loved playing with these products. But to be safe, we would definitely advise adults to supervise the kids as they play.

Each dart is 7cm long and the range is quite good as a customer reported that it’s able to shoot across an average-sized room easily. Unfortunately, I find that for its price, the number of darts might be few, in comparison to the other products in this listing.

What I find entertaining is reading about the feedback from customers. It’s fun for all ages, from young kids to fully grown adults.

One customer purchased this set for their friends, who are all adults. Quite nicely, they said that it brings out the kid in anyone.

6. NERF Fortnite Micro Blasters – Set of 3

NERF Fortnite 3 Dart-Firing Micro Trio - Includes 3 Blasters & 6 Official Elite Darts - for Kids,...
  • 3 Fortnite dart-firing blasters: Nerf Fortnite micro trio Set includes 3 Nerf Mini blasters inspired by the blasters and supply Llama used in the popular Fortnite video game
  • Includes Fortnite micro its-r, micro rl-l, and micro Llama blasters: this Nerf set includes 3 Fortnite blasters and comes with 6 official Nerf Elite darts
  • Micro size: These dart-firing blasters capture the look of the original blasters and Llama loot box in a micro size that's great for carrying and collecting

Playing with blasters is great when you have other kids to play with. This is why getting this set of 3 micro blasters would be the perfect purchase.


It’s ready to play with and doesn’t require any assembly. All blasters are NERF inspired but they’re all unique in color and design.

There are 6 Elite darts in total, 2 for each single-shot blaster. This means that you can only shoot one Elite dart at a time.

You can be sure that the kids are safe because these blasters don’t require batteries. Everything is completely hand-powered.

It’s also safe for indoor since the impact isn’t strong enough to damage anything or hurt anyone.

Taking it with you to play outdoors is also easier than other blasters. It’s so small you can put it in your pockets or slip it in your bag.

Most importantly, buyers are very happy about this set. They say their kids were excited about the toys.

One mom even said that her 4-year-old daughter loved how far the Nerf guns shot the Elite darts.

It’s also nice that this comes in a box. It’s presentable and easy to wrap, ready to be gifted!

7. NERF Mega Talon

NERF Mega Talon Blaster - Includes 3 Official Accustrike Mega Darts - for Kids, Teens, Adults
  • Nerf Mega blaster and 3 accustrike Nerf Mega darts: The single-shot Nerf Mega Talon blaster comes with 3 official accustrike Nerf Mega darts
  • Darts designed for accuracy: accustrike Nerf Mega darts are the most accurate Nerf Mega darts*
  • Dart storage: a storage area on the blaster lets you keep backup darts nearby for fast reloading

For something easy to use, perfect for all ages, and affordable, I would suggest buying Mega Talon by NERF.


It’s designed to be light and easy to grip. Without the extra bulk, maneuvering it while playing would be effortless.

You can move it around with one hand, just aim and fire. It’s quick and simple.

Just like other smaller blasters, this is a single-shot blaster. There are 3 darts included in this set. Of course, if you need more, there are tons of darts sold online.

I especially like that there are dart holders at the front and top. This makes it easier to keep your darts nearby to reload.

Again, this is safe to use because there are no batteries required. The darts don’t hurt either.

Best of all, this is affordable in comparison to other blasters by NERF. Children will love this, but adults will also have tons of fun with this blaster.

8. Ultra Foam Shot (12 Pack)

JA-RU Ultra Foam Shot Small Toy Blaster (4 Toy Guns) Mini Toy Pistol Dart Gun w/ 5 Foam Bullets for...
  • 4 INDIVIDUAL PACK OF ULTRA FOAM SHOT KIDS SMALL TOY BLASTER - Comes in random assorted colors of orange or green. Each pack includes 1 small toy blaster and 5 soft foam darts as bullets for the toy...
  • SAFE & DURABLE TOYS - USA approved and ASTM tested toys. This toy gun is made of high-quality and non toxic materials that are built to last. It can withstand rough play and regular use, ensuring that...
  • FUN SHOOTER GAMES - Kids can be more active and enjoy playing games indoor or outdoor with other children. Load the foam bullets into the blaster, aim, and shoot. The foam darts are lightweight and...

If you’re looking for party favors, getting this 12 pack would be a steal! Each pack has one blaster and 5 darts.


There are also other sets, where you can purchase a single pack up to a pack of 144!

Whether you’re buying this for one child or holding a party for a whole school, Ultra Foam Shot is an affordable option.

They also have two different designs, one for boys and another for girls. Each blaster set also comes with a free bouncy ball!

Similarly, this is also a single-shot blaster. It’s completely hand-powered and needs no batteries.

Most of all, this blaster set is completely safe, for your home and the kids. You can play this indoors and outdoors.

Again because of its size, it’s easy to take it with you anywhere!


For younger toddlers, I would recommend Liberty Imports Mini Foam Dart Blasters. But for those aged 6 and up, USA Toyz AstroShot Gyro Rotating Target Set is the way to go.

After weighing the pros and cons of all the above-mentioned products, I definitely have to recommend USA Toyz AstroShot Gyro Rotating Target Set as the best Nerf guns. While this is the most expensive out of all the products, it’s definitely the most unique and entertaining one.

On the other hand, Liberty Imports Mini Foam Dart Blasters are specifically designed for toddlers. The sizing, design, and safety measures, were all thought out for the use of younger kids. It even comes with so many pieces, even at such an affordable price!

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