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Laser X vs Recoil Laser Tag: Which one is best?

Laser X and Recoil are both popular brands of consumer laser tag products.

Both companies feature laser tag blasters that incorporate safe infrared rays and sensors.

tactical vs. traditional laser tag

When deciding on which laser tag system to purchase, there are many aspects you should consider.

For instance, those who love advanced technology and simulation may be inclined to go for the Recoil Laser Tag Set, while others who want convenience and compatibility may prefer the Laser X Gaming Set.

In this post, we will review the pros and cons of each system to help you with your buying decision!

Pros and Cons

Laser X Two Player Gaming Set (88016)


  • Good gameplay and add-ons
  • Stunning lighting effects
  • Offers solo play mode
  • ​Long-range of 200 feet (61m)
  • Compatible with other models


  • Lack of volume control
  • Sometimes, guns and vests may not be synced
  • Hassle in changing batteries


Recoil Laser Tag Starter Set, GPS enabled Multi-Player Smartphone Game

Recoil Laser Tag Set


  • Excellent gameplay with real-world battlefield simulation
  • Impressive sound effects and voice chat
  • Very long range of 300 feet (91m) and 250 feet playing area


  • Lack of solo play mode
  • Hassle in changing batteries


Breaking it down

The Laser X and Recoil laser tag sets will be compared on the basis of a few important features, namely, gameplay, range, batteries, and compatibility.

In our opinion, these are the factors that matter most when deciding on which laser tag product to purchase.

Gameplay has to do with the entertainment provided by the product, while range, batteries, and compatibility are other practical considerations.

1. Gameplay

The gameplay is an essential element of every laser tag system.

This is one area in which both Laser X and Recoil score very high in the ratings.

Good gameplay provides an enjoyable and entertaining experience for users, and in our opinion, it is the make-or-break factor in every laser tag product.

Laser X Gaming Set

The Laser X Two Player Gaming Set incorporates stunning lighting effects and an interactive voice coach to guide you throughout the game.

Laser X makes use of a small vest to register hits. Both the vest and blaster light up in various colors when being hit or when scoring. This makes participants feel like they are in a video game.

Each turn, players get 8 lives and 10 shots, and a rapid-fire mode where you can shoot 25 rounds in one burst.

The company even offers a gaming tower add-on with 8 additional game modes and solo play capability, further enhancing gameplay.

The system’s downside is the lack of volume controls and the occasional lag in syncing vests and guns.

Recoil Laser Tag Set

Recoil’s Laser Tag Set boasts a real-world simulation through its use of advanced technology.

The company incorporates augmented reality, a mobile app, and a Wi-Fi game hub to make its game feel like a first-person shooter.

Recoil offers four game modes but no solo play.

Instead of sitting out the remainder of the game, players who get hit could return to their team’s base to respawn.

If you plug in your own headphones, you could even communicate with your teammates, and hear impressive sound effects.

If you are bored of using the standard pistol, you could also purchase the SR-12 Rogue Rifle  and  a Frag Grenade  to mix things up.

Winner: Recoil Laser Tag Set

While both Laser X and Recoil offer highly engaging gameplay, we think that Recoil has a slight edge.

This is due to their skillful use of technology to create a battlefield simulation, complete with team communication and add-ons.

2. Range

The range is one aspect you should look out for, especially if you plan to play laser tag in a large area.

Modern laser tag systems are designed to work at fairly long distances.

For most blasters, accuracy would be greatly affected beyond the specified optimum range.

Laser X Gaming Set

Laser X’s 88016 blaster has a good range of 200 feet or 61 meters and is clearly designed to be played outdoors in big spaces.

This set is interchangeable with other Laser X blaster models, so you could play them all in the same game.

For instance, the brand has a “Long Range Blaster” model that can shoot at distances of almost 400 feet (100+ meters)!

Laser X Long Range Blaster
  • Brand new in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

Recoil Laser Tag Set

Recoil’s laser tag blaster has a very good shooting distance of 300 feet (91 meters).

The main limitation of this system is the Wi-Fi game hub – its network range is around 250 feet (76 meters).

Players who go outside the map will not be able to receive live information on their smartphones. However, the playing area is still very sizeable.

Winner: Recoil Laser Tag Set

Recoil’s system offers a very good shooting range and a large playing area.

However, Laser X is a close challenger, as it also has a blaster with an outstanding range that could be played together with the 88016 Laser Gaming Set.

3. Batteries

Batteries may vary greatly between laser tag game products.

Besides the obvious difference of size (AA vs AAA), some laser tag guns may work well on rechargeable batteries.

Different laser tag guns would also consume battery power at different rates, affecting the frequency at which you would need to change batteries.

Laser X Gaming Set

The Laser X Two Player Gaming Set (88016) requires 3 AAA batteries  for each blaster.

Both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries may be used, but you should not mix them in one blaster.

The battery compartment is secured with screws and can be a hassle to open.

Recoil Laser Tag Set

The Recoil Laser Tag Set runs on 4 AA batteries  for each blaster.

Like the Laser X guns, the Recoil RK-45 is also secured with screws and needs a screwdriver to open.

The batteries are supposed to last for 200 hours, although some users commented that they had to replace theirs earlier than that.

Winner: Tie

We think that the Laser X Two Player Gaming Set (88016) and Recoil Laser Tag Set are evenly matched in this area.

While Recoil’s laser tag blasters are designed to last for 200 hours on a set of batteries, it is not always realized in practice.

4. Compatibility

Compatibility is an aspect that varies significantly between systems.

For instance, the Recoil laser tag set is unique in that it requires participants to have a smartphone.

In contrast, most other systems do not rely heavily on today’s technology, and buyers should be mainly concerned about whether the laser tag blaster models are cross-compatible within the same brand.

Laser X Gaming Set

Laser X’s blasters are designed to be used interchangeably, regardless of the model.

This is a plus point, as you would not need to purchase a new blaster to play with friends who own other Laser X models.

Furthermore, the Gaming Tower add-on opens up additional game modes and solo play.

The only other types of equipment you would need to purchase separately are headphones and batteries.

Thus, we consider compatibility to be a key strength of the Laser X gaming set.

Recoil Laser Tag Set

Compatibility is a weakness for Recoil’s laser tag set.

As it relies heavily on augmented reality, a Wi-Fi game hub and mobile app, users are required to own a compatible smartphone.

Currently, Recoil only supports smartphones that run on iOS 10 and above, as well as Android 6 (Marshmallow) and above.

If your phone is older than this and you are not yet willing to upgrade, you will not be able to play the Recoil Laser Tag Set the way it was designed.

Nevertheless, the Recoil pistol may be played together with the rifle and frag grenade in the same game, so participants are not required to own the same blasters.

Winner: Laser X Gaming Set

Laser X is the clear winner regarding the compatibility, as their laser tag blaster models are designed to be used interchangeably.

Moreover, you do not need to purchase your own equipment other than headphones and batteries.

Final Recount:

Laser X Gaming Set won 1 / 4.

Recoil Laser Tag Set won 2 / 4.

Final Verdict

After reviewing the two laser tag systems, Recoil has emerged slightly ahead of Laser X.

The Recoil Laser Tag Set offers a better all-round experience in gameplay and range, mimicking a real-world battlefield simulation and allowing players to shoot at distances up to 300 feet (91m).

While Laser X also offers a very good range, its use of technology is rather limited when compared to Recoil, which has succeeded in creating a first-person-shooter experience.

With regards to battery life, both brands are arguably too close to call, so we decided to declare it a tie.

The main concern when buying the Recoil Laser Tag Set is its compatibility.

Since you need to own a compatible smartphone to play the game, users who do not possess the required device should not purchase Recoil’s system.


Recoil Laser Tag Starter Set, GPS enabled Multi-Player Smartphone Game



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